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November 16, 1994

About 25 years ago, I used to work for this newspaper. Then I changed directions and took a job with the Charles Machine Works, Inc. Five years ago I retired from there. While at the Journal I used to write a twice-weekly column, the name of which appears at the heading of this piece. It was a labor of love and sometimes fun, although the deadline pressure sometimes may have made the final effort a bit forced and artificial. But, it was always good to have an outlet for saying things that might never have otherwise seen the light of day.

The publisher has seen fit to reinstate this bit of nonsense, although I must say up front that I am no longer an employee of the paper and that anything you read here will be only personal observations and not the official or unofficial view of the editors. This is just like a letter to the editor except that I am privileged to showcase my stuff on the front page rather than on the inside. This is simply because I still have a relationship with the paper on a personal basis and not because they endorse anything I may say.

Starting this up again is a real kick. Most of you won't remember the original Northwest Corner, thank goodness, although one faithful reader was good enough to say the other night at the Chamber of Commerce banquet that he "still missed it." Well, that was all the incentive I needed to get back on the job, so to speak, so for those of you who have hardly missed this great literary effort, let me refresh your memories.

The content then, as now, was whatever that day's mood dictated. It may be personal reflections on things that are going on in the community, little stories about people who used to live here, perhaps a bit of history based on things I remember or have been told by reliable sources, some wistful longings, contributions from friends and readers (hopefully, the readers will be friends, too), or who knows what all.

The column won't appear on a regular basis. When a person retires, as I did five years ago, routines tend to become rather haphazard. So this will just be on an as-possible basis. The publisher has been generous enough to permit that kind of latitude, and I thank him for the generous offer to provide the space.

Your contributions are most earnestly sought. If you have a story to tell or perhaps an observation to offer on anything of general interest, this might be the place to air it out. I'm not looking for controversy, although matters of community interest are welcome, so if you have some things to say that belong in the Northwest Corner, sent them to fgb, c/o The Perry Daily Journal.

I'll be relying on you to keep this thing going, because my personal well is likely to run dry in short order, so let me hear from you. If you want to read this kind of stuff in The Perry Daily Journal on an occasional basis, send me your thoughts.

Gosh, it's good to be back.