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November 30, 1994

Green Valley Nursing Home is getting ready for still another expansion. They've just abut filled their property on Birch street, so this time the building project will be on the west end of the 1100 block on Cedar, adjacent to the IOOF Lodge hall. We understand it's to be a retirement center. Their last improvement on the nursing home building was very classy, and no doubt this one will be, also.

I say a word of thanks to the school board every time I drive by the new middle school on Fifteenth street. The architecture and overall plot plan are so great, as good as one could hope to find anywhere, and our local officials are to be congratulated for doing the job the right way.

Speaking of new construction, we've certainly entered a new phase of home building in Perry. After so many months --years-- of virtually no new homes being built, there now are a half-dozen or more very nice, very comfortable domiciles in various stages of completion. Have you tried to get a plumber lately? All of the building crafts and trades are busy here, a welcome change.

Arguably, one of the largest and most elegant of the new crop is the soon-to-be-residence of Mr. and Mrs. Greg Draper on North Eighth street. It's been underway about two years, but they have been going slowly deliberately because they're serving as their own general contractors and have only ordered the work done when they were ready, I understand. Their multi-level brick location is next door to Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wood, whose home already is one of the community's showplaces. The area is one of the most attractive in the community, and the Draper residence certainly enhances the others

The new homes of Mr. and Mrs. Don Sikes, Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Andrews and Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hight, all in the just-opened sub-division near the corner of Wakefield Drive and Ninth street, also are in various stages of completion, and all are beautiful additions to our town. The Sikes home fronts on a cul-de-sac. Several other new houses also have been completed within the last year or so.

At the considerable risk of leaving some of them out, we must mention the fine new homes of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Seal and Mr. and Mrs. Walt Stroud on Wakefield Drive, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Matthews on Ninth street (where the late Leo Stieferman and his family formerly lived), along with Sarah Yost's pleasant new place on Pheasant Ridge Drive. I'm sure there are others, so pardon the oversight if I've missed some.

Along with all this new construction, consider the really large number of major renovation, remodeling and expansion projects still being undertaken in some of the more established residential areas. A number of the city's fine old homes are being updated but not radically redesigned, architecturally. This is very thoughtful of the owners as they strive to maintain the historic flavor of our town. All of these are evidence .of pride, growth and of course, improvement.

And, when all the preliminary work has been completed, still other fine homes are anticipated in new sub-divisions just being readied for development. The one adjacent to the Country Club comes to mind, but it is not the only project of its kind. Others are in various stages of progress. Things indeed are humming.