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December 5, 1994

After 15 years on the job, Doris McDaniel has turned in her resignation as office secretary at the First Presbyterian church. I don't know if she has seniority in her line of work among those filling that same role at other churches in town, but I think she does.

Doris has served diligently at the Presbyterian church but all the while she also has remained a faithful member of the, Christ Lutheran church congregation. She had to miss the regular morning worship at Christ Lutheran yesterday, however, because the Presbyterians wanted to honor her publicly for the service she has rendered them. Another nice display of ecumenicity in our town.

Speaking of the Presbyterians, which I am apt to do from time to time, one of our former pastors is making a move soon. Rev. Jim Dunkin left here a few years ago for a church in Menominee, Mich., but he has been serving a church in Kingfisher for about four years. He recently accepted a call to become an associate pastor at the Village Presbyterian church in Prairie Village, Kan., part of the greater Kansas City, Mo., metro area.

His new church is one of the largest in the denomination with a membership of something like 7,500. Jim will have special responsibilities in the field of counseling. His sister is Mrs. Steve Smith, wife of the Perry Nazarene church pastor.

I had a nice telephone visit the other day with a lady you all know, Melva Pancoast. She is the self-styled "mayor of Sumner" now but wants it understood that the title is strictly honorary and that she conferred it upon herself. I don't know of anyone more deserving.

Melva doesn't get around quite as much as she used to and I have not seen her in a long time, but I well remember many of the occasions when she was organizing and/or serving dinners for county 4-H meetings, home demonstration club affairs, Democratic party gatherings, and a lot of others. She also took her turn at the piano any time a good musician was needed.

Speaking of Melva, I am reminded of the numerous television appearances being made by her nephew, Dr. Stewart Beasley of Edmond. He, of course, is the son of our retired county engineer, Stewart Beasley Sr., of Perry. Dr. Beasley, who is a clinical psychologist, is greatly sought after by all the Oklahoma City TV channels whenever a bizarre crime or something of the sort occurs. He always comes up with thoughtful, logical explanations of weird behavioralists. He is greatly respected in his profession.

I ran into Dr. Beasley in an Oklahoma City mall recently, and it was hard not to call him Skipper, the nickname he grew up with here. I had to keep reminding myself of his real name, even though I kept seeing that old image of him as a little boy. I'm sure he could give me a good explanation of my problem with just a little bit of analysis.