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December 7, 1994

The thing to remember in public discussion of the forthcoming city charter petition is that this matter is not a personality issue. It is not me vs. you, or him vs. them. The question to be answered is: Is this a good step forward for Perry; will it enable our city government to operate more efficiently and effectively; and, will it serve the community better than what we now have?

If the fundamental issues involved are clouded with irrelevant bickering, no intelligent resolution will be possible. Every eligible voter in this city owes it to himself or herself to become armed with factual information. Find out what this proposal means for Perry and its future, make your own decision and cast your vote accordingly at the proper time. Don't be sidetracked along the way.

You may or may not believe the time is ripe for a city charter form of government in Perry. Probably a majority of the populace is still undecided at this stage. Obviously there are questions to be answered and points to be clarified. Read the petition title carefully and think about what it proposes. Ask the acknowledged authorities for answers to any questions you may have. Keep an open mind as you listen to the debate and make your ultimate decision based on the best information possible.

This is one of the most important topics placed on the table for Perry voters in many years. It behooves all of us to consider the proposal intelligently, to look at it with the clearest vision possible, and then to exercise our decision-making power by going to the polls

Remember, also, that the first step is simply authorizing an election to give the people an opportunity to vote on a charter proposal. If that question is approved, another election would be held to vote on the charter itself, after it is submitted by a panel of local people. Of course, details of the charter will not be known until that panel is chosen and completes its work. Then we will have a framework for discussion.

The same legislative process that produced the form of government we now have in Perry also gave us the option of changing to a different form, if the people believe a different way is better. It is up to you and me to determine whether or not that is the case here.

This matter deserves the most serious consideration all of us can give it. Let us stay focused on what it can mean for all of us.

‘Nuff said on that subject for today. Save room for a couple more nuggets on unrelated subjects, however.

Tom Carpenter, formerly affiliated with Perry's Downtown Oldsmobile-Chevrolet-Geo (formerly Crossfield's) dealership here, is now with Jimmy Williams’ Chrysler Plymouth Dodge agency in Stillwater, according to the Shop 'n Swap Advertiser circulated here. Tom is a native of Red Rock. He also used to be in the car business in Ponca City. Among other things, he was president of the Perry Rotary club while here.

During a children's sermon the other morning at one of the local churches, the minister asked this question of a group of pre-schoolers seated around him: What season of the year is this?" He was hoping someone would say it is the Advent season. Instead, one of the youngsters quickly shot back: "It's the Advil season!" He may have been pretty close to the truth, tool. A lot of us are finding headache remedies necessary as we get into the heart of Christmas shopping.