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December 9, 1994

A word of commendation to still more participants in the City Beautiful program here. The two-story residence at the corner of Eighth and Cedar streets, next door to Charles Wise's Buick-Pontiac-GMC dealership, has really been improved with a new blue paint job trimmed in white, plus a general cleanup all around.

The former Harry Donaldson house in the middle of the 800 block on Delaware also is being brightened up with a new lighter color paint and trim along with other work around the premises. The house next door east has had a similar treatment and it looks just fine.

A renovation project of major proportions has just been completed on the Shan Kirtley home, on north Ninth street. The house was enlarged, brick veneer added, and the net result is a lovely "new" home for the Kirtleys to enjoy./p>

Ted Jerome's newly opened Executive Suites office building has given a new look to the north side of the square, just east of the Harvey and Donna Yost law firm. The 25-foot front building, which for years was home of the Western Auto store and other businesses, has had a complete interior makeover. Gerald Davidson has moved his accounting firm there from the Albright building up the street, and Brian Adamson has moved his Edward T. Jones Investment firm into another suite from the previous location on the west side of the square. A neat new awning across the front announces the name of the Executive Suites building in bold, legible letters.

Etsell Emde has purchased the old Southwest Salvage Yard just across the railroad tracks on Cedar street, and he has cleaned up that property nicely. In addition, Etsell is in the process of opening a brand-new mini-storage building there, providing a good, clean location for this service.

J Z Systems has completed a large new steel building in the firm's location at the south edge of Perry in the former A. L. Smith Trucking Co. complex. Ray Williams operates this growing city business.

Even the churches are feeling an urge to improve their physical facilities. St. Mark's Episcopal church has built an attractive new brick fellowship hall to replace an old, historic structure, which is now awaiting a permanent location. The United Methodists are doing a major renovation on their kitchen, which is often used for large community dinners. The Methodists also recently constructed a sturdy brick building primarily for the use of their Boy Scout troop, the only one now in Perry.p>

Work like that is going on in so many parts of the city right now. It all ties in with the rejuvenation effort inspired by the Perry Development Coalition, whose program has been discussed here before. Winter weather may forestall much more of that activity, but hopefully it will resume with a flurry next spring.

Speaking of such things, how about a belated hand for local politicians and their campaign workers for the speedy removal of all those signs from yards, fences and posts around town. Most of them had been whisked away by the morning after the election. An isolated sign or two still remain in evidence but most of them disappeared quickly. Thank you, whoever did all that

Obviously, a lot of this cleanup would not be needed in the first place if we could only train ourselves not to litter. Why do so many of us drop candy wrappers, plastic cups, quick food napkins and boxes, empty cigarette packs, used tissues, soft drink and beer cans and bottles, and so forth, willy-nilly, anywhere we please - including on other people's property? Haven't we always thought that Perry people were above that kind of behavior?

Ditches along many streets are being loaded up just about brimful (not literally, but it's pretty bad), rivers, streams, lakes and ponds are being badly polluted, and still the litter grows higher and deeper. What would it take to cure us of being so messy?

I have a suggestion. Each and every one of us should be made to serve on a trash pickup detail at least once a month to sally forth and place that stuff in plastic bags. Bending over to do that for a couple of hours or so will raise your litter-consciousness level and I betcha a lot of the problem would be solved. Just ask the overworked organizations and individuals who already are taking part in the regular highway anti-litter program now in place. They could use some help.