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December 12, 1994

Apologies to Brian Anderson, again. The other day I made mention of the fact that he has moved his Edward T. Jones office from the west side of the square to the newly refurbished Executive Suites building on the north side. That part was right. But, for some reason, I have had a mental block regarding Brian's last name ever since he moved here several months ago.

The name is Anderson, not Adamson. I can't seem to get that straight, as careful readers of this column no doubt noticed. I have enjoyed getting acquainted with Brian at our weekly Rotary club meetings and working with him briefly when he and Helen Mauch took over the Rotary newsletter from Paul Green and me last summer.

But I've got to work harder on his last name. It is Anderson, not Adamson. He's a very friendly young man and a real asset to our community. Moreover, he and I share a great affection for music of the so-called Big Band Era, the type that was so popular from the late 1930s until the 1950s.

Now, Brian wasn't even born when that kind of great music was at its apex, but he grew up listening to it in his parents' home and he still loves it. As for me, I have been a devoted fan of all the musicians, singers and band leaders from that period since high school days. I am truly addicted to it and it is nice to know that young people like Brian also love it.

A Stillwater radio station plays that kind of music all day long and of course I listen to it at every opportunity. They take telephone requests and often have little contests on the air in which listeners can win free tickets to some event by calling in the answer to a trivia question about the Big Bands. I have heard Brian's name on those broadcasts and they always get it right: Anderson, not Adams. What's my problem then?

So, Brian, if you need some help on one of those call-in questions someday and you want some expert advice, don't turn to me. You'll be better off looking it up in a music encyclopedia. I'm liable to give you the band leader's wrong last name.

Let's see now. Was it Glenn Milton and the Moonlight Serenaders? Or Glenn Milman? Neither of those sounds right. But I can tell you this: Brian's last name is Anderson, not Adamson.