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December 27, 1994

The holiday lights in Perry this year must have been among the best we've ever had here. Dazzling displays illuminated just about every residential neighborhood and the business district also was aglow. Then there is the centerpiece, our beautiful courthouse park, which is so attractive throughout the year with nature's own greenery supplemented by floodlights bathing that majestic stone building. At Christmas, it takes on a whole new atmosphere with the addition of figures which we associate with this holiday season.

All in all, it was, in a word, breathtaking. All of us are grateful to the homeowners, businessmen and city employees who went to so much trouble to create so much pleasure for the rest of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. These things add tremendously to our joy at this time of year.

We may not have the quantity of lights now gracing the city of Chickasha, but with the new addition coming along each year we are slowly building our own community attraction. I believe there were more elaborate, complex displays on lawns of Perry homes this year than ever before. And the courthouse park lights also are being steadily increased with the use of contributions received each December in the annual holiday home tours.

Chickasha, which modeled its lights on a similar plan adopted by Marshall, Texas, was expecting 400,000 visitors to tour their city to see the Christmas decorations. Some folks from the Perry area made a bus trip to Marshall one year and they came back duly impressed. Perhaps that has inspired some of the new home displays now evident here./p>

I can't close this subject without mentioning what is perhaps the granddaddy of all spectacular holiday lights, the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri. Every rooftop in that charming area, which also is considered America's first shopping center, is outlined in shining colored lights. The Plaza's architecture is taken from that of Seville, Spain. It features red tile roofs, numerous bell towers and other features characteristic of that picturesque European city. Like our courthouse park, it is beautiful all year round but especially so at Christmas. It has been the subject of countless artists and photographers for years. We are lucky to have a daughter living in that area, giving us an excuse to enjoy the extraordinary sight each Christmas season.

Again, our community is indebted to all those who contributed to our warm holiday feeling by taking the time and trouble to place those light displays where all of us could enjoy them. Isn't this a great place to live?

To close out his column in the spirit of the season, let me say "thank you" as earnestly as I know how to all of you who have been so nice to let me know you enjoy this little effort. When I chose to resume writing the Northwest Corner last month after an absence of some 25 years, nothing was certain about the plan except that I was willing to try and Milo was willing to make the space available. Your comments, notes and phone calls have been greatly appreciated and I am inspired to keep on trying. Again, thanks for letting me hear from so many of you.