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January 10, 1995

Congratulations to our newly elected district attorney, John Maddox, for his decision to keep Mark Gibson as assistant DA for Noble county. Mark is a very competent prosecutor and has done a good job during the time he has served in this capacity. He is a good citizen as well, and Perry is proud to have him as a member of this community. In addition to Mark, his assistant, Donna Yost, and long-time secretary, Darlene Meyer, also are being retained.

Several members of the Noble county bar, unofficially at least, also have expressed their support of Mark. He and Maddox come from different political parties, which indicates the choice was made primarily on the basis of ability. Mark ran an underfunded campaign for state attorney general last year but lost in the primary to an Oklahoma City area candidate who had much better resources to call on. We're glad our ADA is still on the job right here in Noble county, even though we also know he would have made a good attorney general.

In the recent whimsical piece about the Perry Merchants teams of the 1930s and 1940s, several individual players were mentioned. I had a call from Mrs. Edith Cunningham regarding one who was not named, Harvey Howell. He was a pitcher and first baseman on several of the Merchants teams of that era, and she hopes he will be fondly remembered by some of the old time fans. Her interest is understandable, since she was Harvey's wife back in that period, but from what I hear, he truly was an authentic star player for the local semi-pro nine for several years. Thanks, Mrs. Cunningham, for the information you provided.

Regarding the column on the old City Drug Store, I also have heard from Florence Lavington Foster. She was the wife of Woody Foster, who ran Foster's Corner Drug after the death of his father, Ralph Foster Sr. My column dealt primarily with some of the town's leading soda jerks at all four depression-era drug stores here, but Florence remembers another employee of the City Drug who made an impression on her. Her name was Nell Clift, and she was a cosmetics saleslady at that store. "I was just a little girl," Florence recalls, "but she was so pretty that I loved to go in the store just to look at her." Nell Clift had a sister, Eula, who married Frank Augustine. Thanks to Mrs. Foster for this information.

Many of us are happy to learn that there soon will be a place to deposit old engine oil legally in Perry. This has been a problem for some time. Maybe now we can start thinking of a recycling center here to collect glass and plastic bottles, tin and aluminum cans, and old newspapers. Anyone concerned about the environment now must take such things to the Stillwater recycling center. You can put them in the garbage here and they will be picked up by our local trash haulers, but in that case they will still wind up in a landfill somewhere, and most of them are not biodegradable.