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February 21, 1995

Nancy Hasenfratz, who was born and reared in Perry, has just been named Kingfisher's Citizen of the Year on the basis of her lengthy record as a civic worker and booster in that community. Nancy's husband is Wayne Hasenfratz, another native Perryan, who retired not long ago as president of a Kingfisher bank. Nancy's parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. Bob Coyle. Wayne's mother, Mrs. Mary Hasenfratz, still makes her home here.

A mutual friend sent me a copy of the front page of the Kingfisher Times & Free Press with an article about the honor bestowed on Nancy by the town's Chamber of Commerce. A photograph of her accompanies the story. Iíll mention just a few of the points made in the citation: volunteer work at the local hospital with the community outreach program, member of the Kingfisher Regional Hospital board, Auxiliary volunteer, various tasks at Kingfisher Federated church including Meals on Wheels and baking communion bread, serving on the church board, member of women's association, various youth activities, keeping the flower beds up, making and taking gifts to shut-ins at Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays, chairing the Community Challenge which raises money for the hospital and the Chamber of Commerce, Kingfisher County Cancer Society fund drive, member of PEO and Kingfisher Study club, avid golfer, loves to travel and play bridge, spends time with her family and friends, gardens, plays tennis, and bakes wonderful goodies. Quite an impressive list.

Wayne and Nancy left Perry 30 years ago when Wayne and Otto Cowell, another native of this city, established a new bank in Kingfisher. Otto was president of the firm until he retired, and Wayne succeeded him. Wayne and Nancy still visit friends and family in Perry quite often. So do Otto and his wife, Vaynne, who are parents of local optometrist Dr. Scott Cowell. Vaynne's parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. Worth Roberts.

We raise good people in Perry and export a few of them to enable other communities to grow, too. You're welcome, Kingfisher.

Jim Standard's recent column in the Sunday Oklahoman was a nice tribute to Henry Bellmon. The piece focused on Henry's heroic experience 50 years ago as a 24-year-old Marine tank platoon leader on Iwo Jima, where one of the bloodiest battles of World War II took place. Lt. Bellmon won the Silver Star in that battle and the Legion of Merit in the landing on Saipan.

Jim, who is editor of the Oklahoman's editorial page, gives a good summary of Henry's war record and credits him with being a modest man not given to talking much about that chapter of his life. The column also covers the high points of Henry's political career as governor and a U.S. senator, but I did notice one rather significant error. Jim credits Henry with being the first Republican elected to either office in Oklahoma. Partially true. He was the first Republican elected governor of this state all right, but the first GOP senator from Oklahoma was J. W. Harreld, in 1920, according to a full-page reference chart I clipped out of the Oklahoman last Dec. 18.

Not being picky, Jim. Just wanted to point that out. Thanks for saying those nice things about Henry Bellmon. The Oklahoman has not always been so kind to him.