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February 25, 1995

Basketball frenzy is gripping most of the known world right now. Tournaments are underway at just about every level, from grade school up through the NCAA's Division I. The NBA, of course, plays almost year around but their version of the game is so, well, different, that we won't include them in this.

Perry has always been known as a wrestling town, but that does not mean we can't also enjoy the hoops hoopla that reaches a zenith at this time of year. And we have some stellar players and teams in this area to heighten the interest. A recent prep basketball page in the Daily Oklahoman gave ample evidence of the quality available to fans in this area.

Frontier boys (Red Rock and Marland) held the No. 4 ranking that week in Class A boys with a 23-1 record. Earlier they were ranked as high as No. 2. Jamie Hayton of Billings was ranked 15th in scoring among Class B girls with 368 total points and a 21.6 average. Joline Oldenburg of Mulhall-Orlando was 14th in Class B girls for field goal accuracy, hitting 121 of 205 for 59 percent. On the same team, Jennifer Anthis was 8th in 3-point field goals with 34-82 for 41.5%.

Annie Reim of Billings was 4th in free throw percentage with 66-80 and 82.5%. Brandi Easterly of Covington-Douglas was 9th in steals with 66. Covington-Douglas girls were 5th in team defense, allowing a total of 665 points for an average per game of 36.9. The Billings Lady Bulldogs were 7th in the same category with a total of 656 and 38.6.

In Class A boys, Frontier was No. 1 in team offense with 1,522 points, an average per game of 80. Morrison was 6th in team defense with 532 and an average of 48.4. Josh Regnier of Frontier was 8th in steals with 54. David Hawkins of Morrison was 9th in free throws with 42-55 and 76.4%. Mitch Shiever of Frontier was 11th in 3-point field goals with 23-53 and 43%. David Hawkins of Morrison was 7th in scoring with 254 for an average of 23.1.

In Class B boys, Mulhall-Orlando was 11th in scoring with 418, an average of 20.9. Monty Larman of Mulhall-Orlando was second in free throws with 55-65, 84.6%. Monty Larman of M-O was 9th in rebounds with 223, averaging 11.2 per game. His team was 5th in offense with 1,476 points, an average of 73.8. Covington-Douglas was No. 1 in team defense with 704, allowing an average of 44 points per game.

All of these statistics were for games played prior to the start of district and regional tournaments, but perhaps they give a clue to what's been going on among the smaller schools in our area this season.

It's okay to cheer for your favorites in any sport, be it wrestling, basketball or whatever. Be sure to give the boys and girls and their coaches a pat on the back for their hard work and dedication. They've earned it.

Based on the accomplishments we already know about plus the statistical evidence cited above, we have some pretty capable performers in this area, wouldn't you agree?

And of course that includes our Perry high school wrestling team. The perennial state champion Maroons almost make it look easy, but in truth they work long and hard to achieve their goals. Coach Leonard Shelton, Assistant coach Scott Chenoweth and each member of the squad deserves congratulations for another fine year on the mat. Way to go, wrestlers!