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March 18, 1995

It's distressing to know that John Divine is going through some trying times with his health right now. He has been in and out of the hospital during the past few weeks but is currently back in his room at the Perry Nursing Home. John celebrated his 91st birthday the other day, even though it was not one of his better times. Friends, the old wrestling coach is hanging tough in there. Even so he can certainly use all our prayers and good thoughts. This is a man who has contributed tremendously to this community. Let's hope he wins the decision in this match.

Local Presbyterians are searching for the old rugged cross. Well, actually it's not THAT one -- it's the one they've used for several years during Easter time and for other church events. From time to time school groups and others have borrowed it but right now it's listed as lost or missing, and the church has need of it again. The cross is about five feet tall and is constructed of rough timber. If you or your organization remembers seeing it, call Dianna Brorsen at 336-3038, or the church office at 336-9177.

Nice to see the cleanup going on at one of the tire centers on the west-side entrance to Perry. Old tires and some other unsightly material have been moved away from the area nearest the highway, and all in all it looks much more attractive. Are there some other areas around town needing attention?

The stretch of I-35 between Edmond's Second street ramp and the north edge of Oklahoma City is clearly marked as a 55 mph speed zone, but have you ever noticed any motorists paying attention to that? I confess, I am as guilty as the next one in not slowing down from 65 mph upon hitting that zone, although I do drop it back a little bit. The other day I decided to experiment by observing the 55 mph limit fully, and I was nearly swept off the road by cars, trucks, RV's and everything else whizzing by on both sides. (I was in the middle lane to avoid an "Exit Only" lane on the right side.) Patrol cars are rarities in that area, at least in my experience. The state could be making a ton of money from penalties if the law were really enforced.

Speaking of lucrative opportunities, is there any way tickets could be sold for the gallery of signs facing the highway east of town? That's a tourist attraction all by itself, but warnings are posted to prevent parking along the highway while passersby attempt to read them all.

Maybe the signs could be re-designed and mounted in small couplets, like the old Burma-Shave signs, so they could be read by motorists as they pass by without the need of slowing down.

Our county's new extension home economist, Kaye Tipton, attended a recent meeting of the Historic Preservation committee and the Tourism committee of the Perry Development Coalition the other night. She is a dynamic lady with a lot of worthwhile ideas to contribute for our community's growth. We're always glad to have new folks like that in our little city. Nice to have you here, Kaye. She comes to Noble county from Guymon.