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March 25, 1995

I've been reading about Ferol Mornhinweg's grandson: and their new contracts in two far-flung professional football venues. One of them, Shanon Mornhinweg, will be playing with a team in Cannes, on the French Riviera. The other Marty Mornhinweg, will be a coach with the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League. Marty's team plays its home games in a very cold climate, just off Lake Michigan while Shanon's team is on one of the world's most agreeable climates on the storied southern coast of France.

Marty, now 34, was a high school quarterback at San Jose, Calif., Oak Grove high school, where his coach was Mike Holmgren, who now is the Packers' head coach. Most of us well remember the Packers' glory days under coach Vince Lombardi and quarterback Bart Starr. The Pack seems to be back now, tough as in days of yore and threatening to become a dominant force again in the NFL. We hope Coach Mornhinweg plays a big role in that. Marty and Shanon are sons of former PHS Maroon quarterback Larry Mornhinweg and his wife, Darla, now of San Jose, Calif. Yes, Larry was a pretty fair quarterback himself at PHS and elsewhere a few years ago. Aside to Ferol: If you get any passes you can't use for games on the Riviera, please let me know.

Major changes are in the works at our Cherokee Strip Museum out on West Fir. A recent grant from the Oklahoma Foundation for the Humanities, plus supplemental local funds from the Noble County Historical Society, will enable the addition of a new exhibit in the east gallery. It will pertain to life in the outlet from 1893 to 1925, and it will showcase some very interesting articles. Curator Kaye Bond, site attendant Clyde Speer and Historical Society President Peggy Haxton are working on details now.

If you haven't paid a visit to the museum lately, you'd better go out there right away so you can better appreciate the new addition when it is ready for the public. We have a fine museum but lots of local folks have never been in it. Now's the time, friend.

Mrs. Harry Gengler, one of our pioneer residents, came to this county with her parents in 1898 when she was three months old. She has spent most of her life near the Burlington Northern Railroad line. "When I grew up," she recalls, "they had one passenger train making a short run from Tulsa to Enid daily. They called it the 'Doodle Bug.' Now freight trains come by nearly every hour, day and night."

Mrs. Gengler says that many people are wondering why so many freight trains are now going back and forth through here. She has heard that one reason may have to do with the damage caused by flooding rivers last year. An interesting question. Have you noticed the increase in rail traffic?

George Hall's new white rail fence at his home place on north Seventh street is certainly eye-catching. The spread extends from Marchbanks street to Wakefield Road, and it looks like the new fence will encircle it all. A nice new improvement. You can see the same type of fence around Sooners Corner out on 1-35.

Another business improvement I've noticed is the expanded greeting card and seasonal gift selection area at Chris' Pharmacy. Lots of merchants are doing things to spruce up their stores.

Rumors have been in the air for several weeks about major changes looming at our Homeland (formerly Safeway) store, so it's good to see the news in print about the new owner and new name. Welcome to Perry, Les Horner and the Apple Market store.

We also hear that Burlington Northern Railway, which recently merged with Santa Fe, is expected to locate some kind of new station (not a depot) in Perry in the near future. Perry apparently is the only place in Oklahoma where Burlington Northern and Santa Fe tracks intersect, and that is why we were chosen.

Things I miss in Perry: The other two Boy Scout troops that used to flourish here; also the Order of DeMolay for Boys and Order of Rainbow for Girls, two very worthwhile Masonic-sponsored youth organizations; Teen Town; movie theatres; active chapters of the American Legion and Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Auxiliary, American War Mothers and other groups that focused our attention on patriotism; Floyd Pratt's Perry high school classes dealing with Problems of American Democracy, a very neat learning experience for young people; yes, even the Poor Boys club and their tomfoolery; Dr. W. C. Marshall's Community band playing summer concerts in the courthouse park; Moe Marcus' American Legion Dutch band, Bible reading and prayer in public schools; and anything else that helps to strengthen and inspire a feeling of high moral standards, community pride, unity and a positive attitude. Can you think of others?