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March 30, 1995

Candidates in next Tuesday's city election are putting their campaigns in overdrive as the fateful hour draws ever nearer. Soon it will be our collective duty as constituents to visit the polls and carry out our obligation by voting for the man or woman of our choice. I don't take that responsibility lightly -- none of us should. We live in a democracy (or republic, if you like) that has gone to war to defend such privileges, and we should not forget that.

Some of our fellow citizens have been brave enough to offer themselves for public service. That is commendable, assuming they are doing it for the right reasons and not for personal gain. That's one of the questions we have to answer as voters. You've read or heard most of the statements, charges and responses. You know there is no runoff, so the candidate with the largest number of votes in each race next Tuesday will be the winner of the office he/she seeks. Weigh the pros and cons carefully. We will be electing a mayor for the next four years as well as a city marshal (police chief) and a ward one council member.

Think it over carefully, and don't be afraid to say a little prayer when you're ready to mark that ballot. Perry's future may be riding on the outcome, so the decisions each of us makes will be important. But be sure to vote. Don't throw up your hands and just leave the process to someone else. This is the way we are empowered to participate in government. You have no right to complain if you don't do your part. Be sure to vote.

Some good old toe-tappin' music will fill the air Friday night when the Oklahoma Opry comes to our city's high school auditorium. If you like country and western style, you're bound to like this. The Opry showcases a fine bunch of promising young future stars who provide wholesome family entertainment, and the proceeds will go to Masonic charities. Tickets are $6 in advance from Downtown Chevy Olds, Century 21 Real Estate and the Chamber of Commerce, or $8 at the door Friday night. The show kicks off at 7 p.m.

Something else to keep in mind is the Health Fair and Expo '95 starting at 8 a.m. Saturday at the fairgrounds in Perry. At least 21 agencies related to healthcare will offer services, including a chem 25 and lipid battery, plus vascular ultrasound and information of real value to each one of us. Most of it will be given free or at a very low charge. Expo '95 will put the spotlight on a number of Perry businesses. Admission is free and you can count on seeing some interesting sights. Put it on your list of things to do this Saturday.