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July 25, 1995

I hope you noticed a couple of items in this newspaper one day last week. In case they escaped your attention, let me briefly bring you up to speed.

One was the closing paragraph in the report on the city council meeting. Council President Leroy Rolling asked if the new water plant and flow line from the water supply lake have been proving adequate this summer. Jack Seward, water department superintendent, replied that both have been doing their job without reaching capacity. The plant can treat 2 million gallons of water per day.

That answered a question that has been lingering in the minds of many Perry taxpayers this summer, especially since the arrival of those scorching July temperatures. Apparently the remedies that we voted to pay for really are tempering the problems we have experienced here for several summers -- namely, not enough water to avoid rationing. I notice several other cities and towns around the state have had to impose restricted use of water, but it seems we have found the right solution here, at least for this summer.

The new treatment plant, new storage tank, and new flow line from the municipal reservoir have done what they were supposed to do. Congratulations to our mayor, council and everyone who has had a part in correcting those problems. We all know there are still water distribution problems to be faced, but at least we can get enough processed water from the reservoir to keep the storage tanks at a level sufficient to meet peak demands. Also, we still have to deal with the long-range question of an adequate water source for the future, but there are promising signs of a good answer there, to be dealt with at the proper time.

The other item I wanted to mention was in the "Ask Anne & Nan" column. One of our local people recently submitted a question to Anne & Nan, and the answer given by the columnists was as follows:

"FEEDBACK: CREPE-SOLED-SHOES: Elizabeth Sims of Perry, Okla., was looking for these and they are no longer available. Carolyn Ross of Roselle, Ill., writes, The heavenly solution I have found is 'Bounce' shoes by Hush Puppies. Divine! These are probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Hush Puppy has stores throughout the USA. Readers may call 1-800-433-HUSH (4874)."

There. Now you have been filled in on a couple of things that may have been overlooked earlier.

Our new Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-GEO dealers, Mike Ruble and John Vance, have lost no time in launching an aggressive campaign to make the Perry dealership a real winner. Starting with several physical improvements on the building itself, they are working hard to make this an attractive place for car buyers in this area. The showroom is getting a new floor covering, exterior painting (including the addition of sporty new "Chevy" stripes) is scheduled, and the whole area is just generally being cleaned up. Michael Moore, who formerly was on the local sales staff under J. I. Crossfield, has returned to the Perry dealership after working in Mr. Vance's Guthrie dealership. Although he's been working in Guthrie, he has continued to make his home in Perry.

It's good to see renewed activity in that area. Mike and John promise to be competitive in every way. We welcome them to Perry.

Watch for a formal announcement soon on the opening of a new kind of dining place in the downtown area on the west side of the square. Interior decoration is well underway, a menu has been worked out, and the owners will be deciding on a grand opening in just a few days. Also, word is out that a new motel will start construction soon on the south side of West Fir avenue, near the Braum's, Taco Mayo and McDonald's stores. This project has been rumored in the past, but apparently a firm deal has now been made.