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July 31, 1995

One of you may need to come up with a new name for our "Church-on-a-Perch" out at the CCC Park. It is no longer on a perch. It is now firmly anchored onto a sturdy foundation after several weeks of hard, hot work in the Oklahoma sun.

The old wooden building, the original home of Perry's Episcopal congregation, was moved to the park earlier this year from a temporary resting place on steel I-beams at Sixth and Fir. That's where it acquired the "Church-on-a-Perch" designation. Thanks to contributions from the public, the Cherokee Strip Centennial Corp.'s Historic Preservation Committee was able to purchase the building, pay for its transfer to the CCC Park, and arrange for its new foundation -- which incidentally closely resembles the sand stone base on which it originally rested.

Now, renovation work on the exterior and interior can go forward, but that also is going to require some money, so contributions are still welcome. They are tax deductible. Send them to the Cherokee Strip Centennial Corp., designated for the Church-on-a-Perch-Fund, Perry Development Coalition, P.O. Box 188, Perry, OK 73077. Meanwhile, do we need a new name for the old church, or is what we've been calling it still OK? Think about it.

Most people who look to their TV sets for the evening news get comfortable with one channel's news team and generally stay with them. In our house it happens to be the Channel 4 (KFOR) gang. I don't know why. Once upon a time they seemed to have the best in the business in Oklahoma, but that's not necessarily so now. You can look at Channel 5 (KOCO) and Channel 9 (KWTV) and find many Channel 4 alumni in new locations.

There's been a lot of musical chairs movement particularly in the last few weeks. Two of the Ogle brothers, Kevin and Kelly, now are the evening anchors opposite each other on Channels 4 and 9. The third brother, Kent, also is with Channel 4. How many of you remember that the Ogles, including their daddy, Jack, used to do a morning news show tailored exclusively for our own local radio station, which then had the call letters KJFK?

The Channel 4 Ogle anchor was promoted to that slot because Devin Skillian is leaving. I believe he's headed for Detroit, and I'll miss him. We learned to appreciate Devin's professionalism and journalistic capability when the Murrah building was bombed last April. Theresa Green has left KFOR for Seattle. The raven-haired Robin Marsh left KFOR a short while ago and landed at KWTV (Channel 9) after winning a court decision that allowed her to do so. At KWTV she joined two more ex-KFOR personalities, the blonde Tammy Payne and Cynthia Gunn. Channel 4 reporter Anthony Foster moved there from Channel 5 about two years ago.

Jack Bowen, perhaps the senior evening anchor among the Oklahoma City TV guys, will be leaving Channel 5 later this year. The station has notified him that his contract will not be renewed. No word on his next stop. George Tomen, the smooth-talking weekend anchor on Channel 5 who sounds a bit like the late actor Ray Milland, is another alumnus of Channel 4. The non-commercial Oklahoma Education Television Authority, Channel 13, has a former KWTV newsperson - Pam Henry, who also has been with at least one additional commercial station in the big city.

Let's don't even get into the TV weatherman merry-go-round. They come and they go. Same situation on the sports desks.

Some area radio stations also are having staff changes. Sean Kelly used to be the main man at KSPI-AM, the Stillwater big band station which I listen to a lot (like, just about all the time), but he has vanished from the airwaves without a trace and Jim Randolph now covers the news for us. The Oklahoma State University FM station, KOSU, uses students in the studio quite often so they have a lot of turnover, as you'd expect. Our KASR staff seems to be intact for now.

I don't know if anyone else out there is keeping track of all these momentous changes, but don't you feel kind of an intimate friendship with these guys and gals who give us such happy faces while dispensing all that news of impending doom? They just seem line, well, such a close-knit family and personal friends of ours, perched up there at their aerodynamic little news desks, that it's hard to believe one of them could ever desert their station (and us) for another job. Makes you wonder if those smiles are genuine, doesn't it?