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August 22, 1995

Former Noble countyan Russell Chapin and his wife, Helen, moved from the Washington, D.C., area last year to a new home on Amelia Island, Florida. Russell writes that they just saw a piece of Ditch Witch equipment working down there so they now feel even more at home. Russell also passes along this yarn about the fellow whose obituary erroneously appeared in the local paper. He protested to the editor. The editor said: "I'm sorry. It is too late to do anything about it. The best I can do is put you in the 'Birth Column' tomorrow and give you a fresh start."

Oklahoma City's first year in Roller Hockey International ended on a sour note the other night with a 10-4 loss in the home arena of the San Jose, Calif., Rhinos. For the season, the Coyotes posted a 7-17-0 record, and now they are planning to move, probably to Dallas. Jennifer Ruth, Perry teenager, will be sorry to see them go. She spent the past summer as a Coyote "dancing girl," entertaining during lulls in the game with some spritely routines for fans at the Myriad. Roller hockey is a new sport but it failed to draw big crowds in Oklahoma City. Jennifer has been operating a dance studio in Perry the past few years and this summer was one of the professional performers in Pawnee's weekly Wild West shows. She says she had fun as a Coyote dancer, and her wages, while not magnificent, were at the same scale paid to similar performers in major league sports. Now she can concentrate on starting her freshman year at St. Louis University.

Meanwhile, her sister Sarah has just been hired by Ted Turner's CNN news network and will become part of their newly reorganized White House staff in Washington, D.C. She has been working in D.C. this summer as a CNN temporary, but was considering other possibilities -- including CSpan -- until CNN made her an offer she did not want to refuse. Sarah graduated last spring from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Jennifer and Sarah are the daughters of Tom and Susan Ruth.

Here we go again with another plea for volunteers. The Wheatheart Nutrition Center desperately needs people to deliver daily meals to homebound senior participants (age 60 and over). If enough interest is shown, the deliveries could be on a rotating basis. Linda Tedder, who is looking for this, estimates it takes only about 30 minutes to deliver six meals in the Perry area. If you can help, call Linda at 336-3467.

With the forthcoming increase in freight train traffic on Burlington Northern's two lines through Perry, I wonder if drop arm signals wouldn't be a good idea on Seventh street, I where the old Frisco depot used to stand. That type of barrier is now used at the Fir avenue, Cedar street and Eleventh street crossings, so it seems to make sense the same thing should be employed where vehicle traffic is pretty heavy on Seventh street. What do you think?

I hate to say it, but I think the city's insect spraying program has only provided nourishment and stimulation for Perry's bumper mosquito crop. At least in our part of town, those ornery critters are as busy as ever, making outdoor living anything but pleasant.

Our wetter than usual summer is keeping lawns and gardens green long past the time when they usually start turning brown, but it has also encouraged a bountiful crop of weeds. You don't dare put off mowing too long because the grass will soon be knee high or worse. Some untended lots around town already have become eyesores, and even some of the center medians and shoulders along our major highways are looking bad. And please, don't blow your lawn clippings into the street. Bag 'em or rake 'em and let the garbage haulers pick 'em up. There's no extra charge for that service -- yet.

Glad to see the school board has turned its Fir avenue marquee over to First Bank & Trust Co. this year. Both faces on the old marquee had been badly shattered and low limbs on trees obscured its messages, anyway. I'm anxious to see the new one and hopeful that it will help keep us posted on current school activities.