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September 13, 1995

Butch and Ben are alive and well and living in Beverly Hills. That's the good news concerning some of the missing persons on our TV screens in this area. Last week, this column dealt with the recent rapid departure of people we had grown accustomed to seeing on the Oklahoma City television news shows. Dorothy Lampe wondered what had happened to brothers Butch and Ben McCain who used to have a highly rated morning show, first on Channel 4 and later on Channel 5. She also was curious about weatherman Wayne Shattuck, who has mysteriously vanished from Channel 4.

Obviously Dorothy wasn't the only one with those questions. I had several calls and comments from other inquiring minds, and I am happy to report that there is good news concerning Butch, Ben and Wayne.

The McCain brothers are living in Beverly Hills and attempting to make it big in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. They'll be back in Oklahoma City this month to headline a series of evening concerts at the State Fair. They have been very busy since heading West.

They recently completed filming a new movie, "Bio Dome," with Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin. The MGM comedy will open in theaters nationwide next December. It is produced by the same team responsible for Jim Carrey's hit movie, "Dumb & Dumber," which may or may not be a recommendation. The McCains are now negotiating the production of their comedy screenplay, "Inbred Jed," on which they served as co-writers. They recently purchased rights to another screenplay, "Poncho & Lefty."

For TV, they are creating a situation comedy about two brothers from West Texas who arrive in Beverly Hills to open a clinic. Ben plays a veterinarian and Butch is a taxidermist. Their slogan: "Either Way, You Get Your Pet Back." Ben will appear this month in the second new episode of "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." Butch has signed a deal to appear in Honda commercials. The brothers already have appeared on "General Hospital," "All My Children," "Good Morning America," "Hee Haw" and other network shows. They have recorded two albums.

At the State Fair, the McCains will perform 17 shows with their band, Sept. 15-Oct. Their concerts will play each Monday through Saturday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m. in the fairgrounds band shell. All of this information is contained in a news release which was received Monday by Sharon Courtright, The Journal's city editor. In addition, I had calls from Virginia Hentges and Frank Flynn who also had heard from the McCains.

As for Mr. Shattuck, Ann Hight tells me she and Tim saw him on a Tampa, Fla., TV station while they were there recently, so I guess he's doing OK, too. Incidentally, many of you will remember Harry Yolkman, who did the weather news years ago on Channel 4 and later on Channel 9 in Oklahoma City. He's been gone from this area probably 30 years, but someone told me recently he's still reading the forecasts on a Chicago station.

And finally, another item in a column last week was a request from Bob Lee, who writes a column for the Daily Oklahoman's Community section. One of his readers was looking for information about a children's book written some time ago about a leopard that escaped from the Oklahoma City zoo.

Well, one of my readers has what Bob's reader is looking for. Roy Kendrick of the Cherokee Strip Antiques & Collectibles Mall has an autographed copy of "Luther, the Elusive Leopard," written by Catherine Clark in 1950. It deals with the saga of the slippery feline which slipped away from the zoo in the late 1940s. Roy was a schoolboy in Oklahoma City at the time, and he wouldn't part with the book, but he's willing to share information about it. I'll pass this on to Bob in case his reader is still looking.

Thanks to all of you who took the time and trouble to help clear up some of these mysteries and to let me know that it bothers you, too, when those Oklahoma City TV stations suddenly give the axe to the people they've trained us to love.

Evans & Associates are continuing to do some major asphalt street work in the city, currently concentrating on the ridiculously bad parts of Wakefield Drive. A lot of our streets can use serious repairs but of course the cost factor limits what the city can do. The Evans company has completed work on new roads at Grace Hill Cemetery and you ought to drive out there for a look. Those new roads, plus the careful maintenance work being provided by the sexton and his staff, make our cemetery a very clean, neat place to see. Go check it out, then thank the people responsible.