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October 12, 1995

Besides all the new homes under construction in Perry, other major projects are starting up or are well underway in the business district and on city streets. Hopefully, these are precursors of things to come in our community.

At 633 Delaware street on the north side of the square, the two-story 25-foot front building which formerly housed Rudolph Zorba's clothing store, paint contractor Dee Oden is restoring the front to its original grandeur of the early1900s. Second story windows again have glass panes and the decorative masonry and metal trim is being cleaned and painted. Some of the 1960-era aluminum facade has been peeled away. More work remains to be completed, but this building will be among the first around the square to have its pre-statehood facade at least partially restored. The ground floor level houses offices of Three Sands Oil Co. and attorney Robert Kasper.

Work also is continuing on refurbishing of the Ruble-Vance Downtown Chevrolet-Olds dealership building at 520 Delaware street. The new owners are committed to a general overhaul of the facility. Already installed are new offices in the showroom, a new customer waiting room, new office for the service manager, new floor covering in the showroom, and a new air conditioning system. The exterior is being repainted white with gray accents. It's very attractive. Stop by and have a look.

A slick new marquee with a scrolled message in lights has replaced a much smaller static sign board on the Fir avenue side of the Perry high school campus. First Bank & Trust Co. l provided the marquee, and it is a big improvement over its predecessor. The old one was battered, too small, and outdated in every way. Thanks to the bank for taking care of this need.

The exterior of Gene Breshears' Professional Discount Pharmacy at 1410 Fir avenue is getting a workover to sharpen the appearance of that Perry business.

The car wash project at Eighth and Fir is nearing completion. It is being greatly expanded with additional bays and other features to satisfy the growing need for this kind of service here.

The city has engaged Evans & Associates for some badly needed repairs, rebuilding and upgrading on a major chunk of Wakefield Road on the city's north side. Two blocks of asphalt streets have been completely rebuilt on Wakefield because heavy traffic loads and winter weather woes the past few years had created deep ruts and teeth-rattling potholes. In addition, a portion of Twelfth street intersecting Wakefield also was rebuilt, and extensive patching has been undertaken on Primrose Lane and some other portions of Wakefield. This kind of work is always badly needed. Wakefield is a major east-west artery on the north side of town.

All these projects add up to an investment of several thousand dollars in our community and they show the dedication of Perry merchants and city officials not only to the maintenance of what we have, but preparing for future growth. It's, good to see all this going on around town.

Speaking of Three Sands, as we were in the second paragraph above, Dr. Art Brown passes along a note about efforts being made to collect stories dealing with that famous oil field which used to exist north of Perry. Marilee Helton, 302 South Second street, Tonkawa, OK 74653, is asking former residents to send her recollections and stories their relatives may have told about their experiences in the area. The information will be preserved as part of the Three Sands collection of the Tonkawa Historical Society Museum. If you can help out, Marilee would appreciate hearing from you.

Congratulations to the students and their faculty advisors at Frontier high school for their professional performance on a "Television 101" segment of Oklahoma City's KFOR TV channel 4 news show last Tuesday night. The piece dealt with last month's Noble county free fair and it was extremely well done. Rhonda Nida was the principal narrator. She did an excellent job, as did all the others.