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December 12, 1995

Several years ago, a community choir composed of voices from churches of the Ministerial Alliance used to delight local audiences with an annual Christmas concert, always climaxed by the Hallelujah chorus from Handel's magnificent "The Messiah." I hate to suggest this because our city already is loaded with so many holiday treats, but I wish we could revive that one. As I recall, each of the participating churches would sing one or two numbers, but the benediction came with the massed choir singing the great chorus and the public was free to join in. Accompaniment was furnished by members of the Perry high school band, directed then by Bill Rotter. It was always a stirring moment and a fine way to celebrate the season. Wish we could do something like that again.

Also on my Christmas wish list are left turn only traffic signals for several intersections around town, most notably at Seventh and Fir. Traffic is perhaps heavier there than at any other street crossing in Perry, and the east-west flow dominates in the early morning hours, at noon and in the late afternoon. Sometimes it is very difficult for north-south vehicles to make a left turn because of the heavy through traffic. A lane is provided for left turns but motorists have to wait for a clear path to get through the intersection safely, and sometimes that just can't be done in the time provided. A short left turn only light would help the situation. Fifteenth and Fir also badly needs such a signal, in my estimation.

Kelley Kueck's new women's apparel store on the south side is now officially open and it is a nice addition to our downtown square. The decor is tasteful, attractive and features kelly green highlights, very appropriately.

On the north side of the square, Bob Kasper's suite of law offices and Harry Hughes' Three Sands Oil Co. offices are sporting attractive new canvas awnings as they continue to renovate the buildings they occupy. I'm sure you've already admired them.

New management and new call letters are in the offing for our local FM and AM radio stations. The studios are returning to downtown Perry, on the east side of the square in the building formerly occupied by Cherokee Hair Co. at 312 Sixth street. The new call letters will be KVCS; could that be acronym for "Voice of the Cherokee Strip?" More word on this business change will be forthcoming.

On Wednesday night, the A&E channel (cable channel 25) will carry an hour-long biography of Buster Keaton, starting at 7 p.m. Oklahoma time. It should be worth watching, but don't expect any mention of Buster's early years in Perry unless the film's researchers have done a more thorough job than those whose efforts preceded this piece. Tune it in, just to see what they left out.