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July 9, 1996

Regular readers of the Northwest Corner will recognize the name of E. W. Jones. He was an early-day Perry newspaper editor who later became county judge. His informal history of this city remains one of the most rewarding treasures available to those who find the romance and drama of Perry's birth pangs an altogether fascinating story. He became county judge after selling his newspaper and he remained an avid historian of Perry and the Cherokee Strip country until his death in the late 1930s. I have quoted him often in this column.

While researching an unrelated subject the other day, I came across another contribution left to us by Judge Jones that I had not seen before. In 1938, he wrote down the origin of the names of all townships in Noble county, with the exceptions of Autry and Auburn. He could not remember the source for the names of those two, both in the eastern part of the county, but perhaps some of our modern-day scholars can lend a hand there. Here are the others as listed some 58 years ago by Judge Jones:

Bunch Creek - Named after a creek in that section.
Buffalo - Named after the buffalo that once roamed in that section.
Glenrose -- Also named after a stream.
Bressie -- Named after Col. R. M. Bressie, well-known early resident.
White Rock - Another one named after a stream.
Red Rock - Named after Red Rock creek, which derives its name from the landscape.
Carson - Named after the Carson family, early ranchers and trading company operators.
Otoe - Named after the Otoe Indians who settled on the reservation in that township.
Oakdale -- Named after two early-day prominent residents of the community, John Oakley and Allen Dale.
Black Bear - Named after the Black Bear creek which was named by the Indians.
Santa Fe - Derives its name from the Santa Fe Rail road whose taxes supported school districts in that township for many years and which formerly supported the town government.
Missouri - Named after the Missouri Indians who once lived there.
Warren Valley - Also named after the landscape.
Lowe - Named after T. J. Lowe, secretary of the Oklahoma Territory.
Rock - Named after its rocky landscape.
Walnut - Named for the trees in that area.
Noble - Named after the U.S. secretary of interior John Noble.

There you have another addition to the abundance of historic information provided for us by Judge Ernie Jones. If you don't know the location of all those townships, visit your local abstractor or the county courthouse and check a county map for yourself. It's probably a safe bet that many of our readers are not aware that Noble county is composed of all those townships.

Thanks again, Judge Jones, for contributing to our knowledge of this area that we call home.