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January 2, 1997

Midweek musings while wondering if the weather in south Florida could be nicer than ours this week....

Marilyn Branen must be one of the youngest looking grandmothers in all of Noble county, maybe even beyond. She could pass for a teenager, don't you agree?...Folks in the 1400 block of Locust street have revived an old neighborhood custom by building concrete sidewalks along the curb in front of their homes. They look so inviting, it makes you want to take a stroll on some of these pleasant days we've been enjoying. When did the tradition of sidewalks on every block become passe, anyway? Maybe it's time for a comeback.

Speaking of traditions, it's really disappointing to receive Christmas cards from old friends with only a printed name and no message inside. When the cards begin arriving, we always eagerly look forward to catching up on the news from people we see only rarely, but unfortunately many of them tell us little or nothing. We certainly do appreciate hearing from all those folks, but it's not like the joy that even a short note provides.

We're all too busy, I guess. You hear that complaint from just about everybody, so it must be so. Too bad. We all need to slow down and enjoy the little pleasures at hand. Letter writing itself is fast becoming a lost art. E-mail, fax, the telephone -- all these have taken their toll on that ancient form of communication.

One of the cards we always enjoy comes from a former Perryan, Dr. Charles Lamb, and his wife, Ruth, who have lived in Seattle since leaving here more than 40 years ago. Charles is an optometrist, as was his dad, D. A. C. Lamb. The elder Dr. Lamb had a jewelry store and his professional office in the building next to our family's City Drug Store on the north side of the square when I was growing up, and Charlie and I we're fast friends all through high school (he was a member of that fabulous class of 1941) and we remain so today. Many of you remember the Lamb family. Ruth writes that Charlie retired in September and recently had a slight stroke. He will have heart surgery in January, so she's asking for prayers.

Charlie has a Puckish sense of humor and grew up with a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eye. He and Ruth have two daughters, two sons, 12 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. Their favorite line is: "Lambs reproduce like rabbits."

Oklahoma City selected the nickname "Cavalry" for its new entry in the Continental Basketball Association a few years ago. At the time, my bride sighed and predicted we soon would be plagued with mispronunciation of the name as "Calvary" on radio and TV. She was correct. Even with an official logo that exaggerates the size of the letter "V" to emphasize the right way to pronounce it, we still suffer through entire seasons hearing some of those young, electronic sportscasters tell us, with a straight face, how the "Calvary" fared in their latest contests. I suggest they just call 'em "the Cavs," like the print media do.

Years of disappointment over my inability to carry out the worthiest of New Year's resolutions has led me to the necessity of coming up with something a little different. For 1997, my No. 1 resolution is to break all my other resolutions. That should be a confidence builder, if not a character maker.