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September 30, 1997

Photograph of the 1908 Maroon Football Team
Do you know any of these early-day Perry Maroons?

The photo with today's column shows one of the very first Perry Maroon football teams, the 1908 high school varsity squad. It's a neat picture for many reasons, including the clarity of details about the uniforms -- such as the lack of shoulder pads and other protective gear which even the grade schoolers now use. What they're wearing was standard issue in that period, nearly 90 years ago. The thing that is most intriguing about this picture, however, is the lack of names. Who are those players?

The photo is owned by Jack Dolezal, whose family has been associated with PHS football and other athletic endeavors for many years. Jack has been unable to come up with the identity of any of these young men, but perhaps a reader can help him out. It also would be interesting to know where the photo was made. Was this a practice field or the location of home football games way back then? Can someone lend a hand here? Call Jack if you know any of these gridiron gladiators from years ago.

Phil Albertson passes along an amusing yarn he heard on a radio news show the other day. Evidently the event described really happened. Briefly, the report said some Russians had placed a cow aboard a plane for an ocean crossing in the Pacific. (They didn't say why.) During the flight, the cow become so unruly that the crew, despite their best efforts to balm the poor animal, were fearful of damage to the plane's pressurized cabin. They concluded the frightened beast would have to be jettisoned, so she was dropped from a cargo door in midflight. Later they heard a report that a Japanese ship in the same area had been "sunk by a cow," and they knew exactly what had happened. Do you suppose the Japanese ship owner's insurance covered such exigencies? The news report didn't comment on that.

Our problem with motorists who make left turns in the middle of the block around the square is not getting better. If anything, it's worse. I'm sure you've seen it happening -- a car or pickup abruptly makes a left turn or U-turn, usually without a signal of any kind, and then either parks at the curb or continues in the new direction without so much as a howdy-do. Most of the offenders are people going to the post office who I guess are too weary to walk across the street to get there.

Yes, our local city ordinances prohibit such stunts (warning signs are posted) and yes, the police have issued warnings, but no, the problem has not been solved. It's such an annoying, dangerous practice that you'd think any driver would refrain from doing it, but it goes on unabated. Maybe a serious traffic accident or worse, a personal injury collision, will be needed to bring people to their senses. C'mon folks. We all know it's wrong to drive that way. Let's shape up!