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October 24, 1997

I see where the city council has ordered four-way stop signs at the intersection of Sixth and Noble, so I presume that's a heavily traveled area, although normally it doesn't appear to be one of those. I'm not objecting, just curious. Also, the stepped-up enforcement against U-turns on the square is very good news, indeed. We definitely have a problem here, but a few of those $62 fines should discourage future violations.

It would be nice, while the new stop signs are being installed, if some of the badly faded old ones could also bee replaced. Several of them are hardly legible, but most of us know the locations by heart, anyway, so perhaps new signs would be an unnecessary expense. However, there's always the danger that visitors and other newcomers might roll right through one of those high traffic areas, like Sixth and Noble, if the signage is not readable.

Speaking of sign replacement, how about new street signs for those many locations where vandals have damaged or stolen them? Some have been bent (it must take some effort to do that), but mostly it's a matter of missing signs. They probably decorate someone's room or door now, but it sure makes it hard to give directions in this town when the names of streets cannot be found. Could we use some of the revenue from Judge Dorl's police court fines to pay for the replacement? Apparently lots of folks are now being asked to cough up quite a bit for traffic violations and other misdeeds, so maybe a portion of that could be dedicated to restoring our worn-out or missing signs.

Dare I ask? Are we getting anywhere close to having our downtown traffic lights put to use again instead of the blinking red lights that have been there for months? The stop-sign barrels at each intersection really are eyesores, and pedestrians have a dickens of a time trying to figure out when it's safe for them to cross an intersection. We know why this was necessary during installation of the nice new sidewalks and period street lights around the courthouse park, but now that those things are in place, can't we get our traffic lights working again?

Hope many of you are taking note of the Stagecoach comedy coming up next weekend. Blithe Spirit is the title, and the announcement of that production stirred up a few memories for me. During World War II, while I was stationed on the front lines in Honolulu, a traveling USO troupe from the mainland brought that Noel Coward play to the islands. The part of the medium, one of the leads, was taken by actress Mildred Natwick, who also originated the role on Broadway, and she was a big hit in Hawaii. It's still an entertaining story, so don't fail to check it out next weekend at the Stagecoach playhouse. They have a great cast for us to enjoy.

Is this the latest date we've had to mow lawns in Perry? I don't know if it's a record of any kind, but it seems to me that in years past the yard tools have all been cleaned, oiled and stored safely away by now. The cooler seasonal weather lately has been welcomed by most of us. There could be a bit of snowfall any day now, so get your grass cut if it needs it.