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November 14, 1997

Phil Albertson is a pioneer and still a leader in the growing field of ground water source heating and cooling systems. This method of environmental control utilizes a network of underground water storage lines as a primary means of providing comfortable temperatures for homes, offices and other facilities. It is economical to operate and friendly to the environment, and the story of its success is spreading. Phil is an acknowledged expert in the industry. Although retired from the Charles Machine Works, Inc., where he began developing this system, he continues to be quite active as a proponent of that type of heating and cooling.

Because it is a rather radical departure from the conventional systems that have become standard in this country, the ground water source units are still carving a niche for themselves in the industry. Ditch Witch equipment is widely used for installation of the underground lines, and CMW itself has gone to this method of heating and cooling the newer buildings on its complex at the factory on West Fir Avenue. Several residences in this area also use ground water source systems.

Phil is a frequent speaker on the system at environmental seminars and elsewhere, another acknowledgment of his recognition by those concerned with clean air and global warming issues. Some validation of the gospel he preaches came recently in a prepared address delivered by no less a personage than President Bill Clinton at a White House Conference on Climate Change, conducted at Georgetown University.

In the audience were members of Congress, cabinet members, Vice President Gore, plus experts and leaders with a wide range of knowledge and a wide range of views. Mr. Clinton used the occasion to cite instances of problem-solving related to the matter of climate changes.

In addressing the perceived problem of global warming and the emission of greenhouse gases, President Clinton had this to say about possible solutions: "...There are many people here today from companies that are addressing the climate change in innovative ways, taking steps that will save money for American families even as we reduce the threat of global warming. For example, a number of leading electric utilities (he named several of them at this point)...are working with homeowners to promote a new technology called geo-exchange, using geothermal pumps to heat and cool homes far more cheaply than traditional systems while reducing I greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent or more."

Although the geothermal system theory predates the Clinton administration by several years, I'd have to say that his statement seems to pretty well validate the work that Phil and his colleagues have been involved in, even before the current excitement about global warming became a national topic of discussion.

President Clinton's speech was delivered on October 6 and Phil has a copy of the complete text, obtained from the White House office of the press secretary. I appreciate his passing it on to me so that I could share it with you.