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November 25, 1997

Herewith a bit of doggerel, submitted for your consideration. Please don't confuse it with real poetry.

Hail to Thanksgiving,
And all of its trimming!
To turkey, and ham,
And the marshmallowed yam.
To mildly spiced dressing;
What a seasonable blessing!

May your table be spread
With hot rolls or bread,
Green beans and kumquat,
Corn, peas, squash and whatnot.
A fresh crispy salad,
Side dishes not half-bad.

Mashed potatoes in mounds
(Not to worry about pounds).
Don't fail to sample
Each dish-there's ample!
Gravy, just a splash,
Adds a bit of dash.

Save space on the belt line
For more things quite divine.
Out comes the dessert tray,
Awash with goodies on display.
Choose a personal favorite;
Suggestion: pie, with pecan nut.

Then coffee to finish up,
And perhaps an extra cup.
But before the feast is o'er,
'Midst such gastronomic splendor
And all the excesses galore,
Pause at least a moment or more.

Why do we celebrate this way,
What is the meaning of this day?
Is it a paean to pleasure,
A way to expand our measure
Without the customary guilt?
No, dear friends, I say with a lilt.

On this day let us give focus
(And may it come from all us folkses).
To the One who gives the blessing,
Far more than the tasty dressing,
Whose marvelous beneficence
Extends to us His forgiveness.

Let us now make a solemn vow
To live as best we know how,
In the light of our understanding,
Truly pledge at this Thanksgiving
And to live our lives each day
In accord with the Master's way.