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December 12, 1997

How about some answers to a few hard questions? F'r instance:

Why is most of Kansas City in Missouri and not Kansas? Why is Arkansas City in Kansas and not Arkansas? Why is the state named pronounced "Arkansaw" but the river is "Arkansas?" (They must have been named by the same one who said Perry's "Elite" is pronounced "E-light" and not "E-leet. ")

Why do some drivers leave their vehicles in obvious no-parking zones on crowded parking lots? Why do some able-bodied people park in zones clearly reserved for the disabled? Why is there so much trash on city streets and sidewalks, not to mention the huge quantities dumped in rural borrow ditches?

Why do we resent and resist common-sense rules, like the seat belt law, when the intent is to save lives and prevent injuries? Do we also think NFL players should not be required to wear pads, helmet and face guards?

Why don't we read about more arrests or citations for illegal U-turns by motorists around the square? Will our traffic lights ever be operational again? Will the stop sign barrels ever be retired?

Why arenít local folks familiar with the contents of our Cherokee Strip Museum and the Perry Carnegie Library? (If you're tired of television's bland offerings and reruns, check out those two places someday soon. More visitors know about our museum than we do. And the selection of reading material at our library is the envy of some other larger cities. Learn the joy of reading all over again.)

Why are we so lucky to have variety of good eating places? All the regular establishments are dishing up fine food and now we have the Panda Wok downtown. It's proving very popular. All those places are anxious to serve and are doing a good job. Take the family out to eat tonight -- in Perry!

Why does Barry Switzer seem to have a perpetual rain cloud over his head, like Joe Bltzpfspk of the late lamented L'il Abner comic strip? With all he's proven by his accomplishments, Barry still gets little or no respect in a lot of circles, particularly those in which his football teams have clobbered local favorites. Hey, he's entitled to some losses on the gridiron and his personal life is probably no worse than many of his peers.

Why do we have much more than the usual quantity of leaves to rake up this year? Is it the El Nino effect? Andy Rooney gets paid a lot of money for asking, and answering, questions like these. Did'ja every wonder why?