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January 13, 1998

While examining the new north side post office entry project the other day, I noticed quite a few of the glass globes atop the new period street lights in the courthouse parks are missing. Don't know what happened to them. They may have been vandalized or somehow accidentally broken, but they're gone, whatever the reason. There must be ten more missing. I hope they can be quickly replaced and that the problem doesn't mean additional delay in the completion of this project. Also, perhaps the spotlight on the front lawn of the Carnegie Library can be replaced fairly soon. It was terminally vandalized quite some time ago and the loss is very noticeable at night when the other lawn spotlights are on.

The new post office ramp seems OK. It conforms to federal guidelines lines to make such public buildings completely accessible to Americans with disabilities. To me, the biggest plus in having the new ramp is the removal of that old concrete slope which used to completely spoil the west face of the post office, where the main entrance is located. Now that the original ramp has been taken down, the stone steps at the main entry have been re-set and the overall result is a much cleaner, aesthetically acceptable doorway for most of the post office patrons. The lobby also looks brighter and more open with the provision for those who use the new north door. Come springtime, when grass covers the ground that has been disturbed by construction, and newly planted flowerbeds are in bloom, our postal center again will be an attractive part of the courthouse park.

See where the city council is considering parking restrictions on some residential streets, presumably because they are too narrow to accommodate moving vehicles when motorists park at the curb. We have a lot of problems with narrow streets just like that and they all qualify for a reasonable study. The 700 block on Elm street is one of those. Most of that block is designated for angle parking on one side and parallel parking on the opposite side for some reason. At the east end, traffic is very heavy because of the number of businesses in the area and the high school and mid-high campus just up the street. I've noticed that many of those who park at the east end of the block feel compelled to execute illegal U-turns and that has caused many near-accidents.

Add this to the list of stupid and needless nuisances: People who park on the wrong side of the street at night with their headlights on high beam, shining directly in the eyes of oncoming drivers.

For a time, work seemed to standstill on the new Landmark Missionary Baptist church at the corner of Seventh and Otoe streets, but I see workmen there once again along with a sizable pile of bricks for the exterior veneer, so that job should pick up speed very soon. Just up the street from there, at Seventh and Wakefield, work on the attractive new home of Chuck and Amy Hall is in high gear. The middle school construction project is nearing completion and the new space provided there will be welcome. Lots of things going on around town.