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December 1, 1998

One of the important tasks undertaken by the Perry Main Street organization is a detailed plotting of all buildings in the downtown area, which roughly constitutes the portion of this city that makes up our "Main Street." The history of some of our older buildings is very much a part of all this.

David Payne, a member of the Main Street board of directors and a dedicated worker in the cause served by that organization, is creating an electronic file to store the information now being assembled. Hopefully, it will include photos of each building and pertinent data about the structures, such as dimensions construction date, and so forth. The file will have many uses when completed. The photos would be scanned in as part of the information available.

All this will be stored in a computer database from which information about individual buildings can be retrieved and printed in any scale needed. "We could put these in a library and then print them with the data and the photographs attached," David says. "You could click on a lot and see the text files, and maybe a current picture, a period picture and interior shots as well." This kind of electronic file is feasible, but David needs help in locating views of the exteriors and interiors of buildings in the downtown area, and that's where some of you may be able to help.

If you have historic photos and/or recent views of the exterior or interior of any building in the downtown area, David would like to borrow them long enough to scan them into his file. The photos would not be damaged and they would be returned to the owner in just a few days. Can you lend a hand to assist in this project? If so, leave word at the Perry Main Street office, telephone 336-1212, or drop off the photos there. The office is located in the Foucart building on the east side of the square.

And, while you're in the Main Street office, purchase some tickets for the annual Christmas Ball at the armory. This event, scheduled for the night of December 5, is sponsored by the Perry Main Street organization and it is one of their principal fundraisers. Without that kind of assistance, the Main Street program could not exist and the downtown improvements we have seen thus far would not be continued. So, join in, and have a ball!