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December 15, 1998

I made a drive-by inspection of construction jobs at the Christian church and the new Landmark Missionary Baptist church the other day. All the workers were diligently applying themselves at both sites and progress obviously was being made. It's still too early (for me) to understand exactly how the new Christian church addition will look when finished, but several friends who are members there have given me enough of an idea that I think I know. It's much easier to visualize how the Landmark Missionary church is going to look, since the exterior is already defined. Apparently bricklayers are still finishing their work, the parking lot is being expanded, and interior finish work is underway. The congregation is holding regular services there even while the final stages are being completed. It's an attractive building and a welcome addition to our community.

Every now and then someone asks if I'm through with that series of columns about movie theatres in Perry, and I thank them for their inquiry. Yes, there will be several more Northwest Corners dealing with that subject in the near future, and in fact the topic may never be completely exhausted. If you're one of those panting for more thoughts and recollections on the era when Perry had actual movie houses, please be patient.

How can anyone not like this time of the year? The current weather is beautiful, for the most part, and helps to remind us of the joys of the holiday season. Here in Perry we have many delightful events to view and anticipate, and they seem to get better and more meaningful each year. The Christmas Tour of Homes, followed by a cheery reception at the Cherokee Strip Museum, was welcomed by dozens of local folks and visitors last Sunday. On the previous weekend we had the well-attended Main Street Christmas Ball at the armory, the children's pet parade featuring Santa Claus on the city's biggest fire truck and the Holiday of Lights parade before that. All these are wonderful events that brighten the season for so many of us.

Plus, we have brilliantly decorated homes in almost every neighborhood and the households that open their doors to us for the Tour of Homes. We must not overlook that breathtaking display of lights in our beautiful courthouse park. Shops all over town have that special seasonal appearance, not to mention the aroma of spices and other fragrances that bring Christmas-time to mind. All these are the product of hard work, creativity and imagination, and we owe a debt of thanks to those who make it possible for the rest of us to marvel at the gifts they offer. But it's nice to be reminded, as the sign at Christ Lutheran church reminds us: "Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season."

Enjoy the holidays in Perry America!