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March 19, 1999

My, that was some snowstorm the other day. My sisters and our cousin from Kansas City put on all our winter clothes and practiced throwing snowballs in the backyard. Lady, our normally mild-mannered Spitz, joined in the fun. She endured the cold longer than we did. Many cars were stuck in snowbanks but I noticed the older tin lizzies seemed to navigate better than the newer models. Hard to believe that was more than 70 years ago. Oh, I was talking about the great snow of 1928. Which one did you have in mind?

If you don't remember the '28 blizzard, it's no great loss. The one we had last weekend came close enough to breaking all previous records, so you can tell your future grandkids about the fabulous snow that fell ‘way back in March of 1999. With almost 500 people crammed into the armory over the past weekend, it brings to mind the mid-winter snowstorms we used to have a few years ago. If you'll remember, we used to have one of these wintry blasts around Christmas or New Year's Day regularly, almost without fail. Dozens, if not hundreds, of motorists were rescued on I-35 and escorted to the armory, just like last weekend. It became such a predictable occurrence, the Red Cross and Civil Defense officials compiled a list of Perry homes where families were willing to receive stranded motorists overnight. Then the weather pattern seemed to change. Is it global warming? Whatever. It's been quite a while since we've experienced anything like this.

Thanks to the National Guard, Perry Memorial Hospital, Chief David Henry and the Fire Department, Pete Tell of the emergency team, all the local restaurants and businesses that donated hot meals and hot drinks, and everybody else who contributed to the program of assistance for our unexpected guests. I know there are many who deserve commendations for their help, and I know the rest of us will never know some of them. But thanks, anyway, for extending Perry's traditional helping hand to those in need. You truly were modern day good Samaritans.

Our Perry delegation will be in San Diego later this month to tell other Main Street program workers from throughout the U.S. about the "hands-on" workshop held here last August for all the Oklahoma program managers. You'll remember that was when they used some of our downtown buildings to demonstrate the correct way to remove plastic and aluminum facades from some of the Victorian-era businesses in the heart of this city. Perry was proud to be chosen as the host city for that event, and now we're delighted to share with so many others the background we acquired in doing it. Congratulations to all Perry Main Street volunteers for their dedication and hard work in this worthwhile program.