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April 16, 1999

When Joseph Alfred Sadler and his wife, Idella, began their family several years ago in this frontier state, they had no inkling that their offspring might set some kind of record. They produced six sons and two daughters, all born in Oklahoma, but their number is not the point here. Seven of the children are still living, and five of them have celebrated Golden Wedding anniversaries. I don't know of anything to equal that, so at least for now we'll look to it as a record.

The reason this is of special interest to us is that one of those couples -- J.D. and Betty Sadler -- live here in Perry. I count them as good friends and so does just about everyone else in this tightly knit little community, but I only recently learned that one of J.D.'s sisters and four of his brothers also are members of the 50-year wedding club.

Here's how they lineup: Conn Joseph Sadler and Goldalee Holland were married on January 31,1941, and have been married 58 years; Russel Eugene Sadler and the former Dortha Mae Doyle of Perry were married on November 26, 1942 (56 years); Wallace Irwin Sadler and Billie Everett were married on May 12, 1945 (53 years); J.D. Sadler and Betty Shafner were married on August 21, 1946 (52 years); and Eletha Sadler and Frank Sherrod were married on, December 21, 1948 (50 years).

Dortha Sadler, who also is a good friend, and Betty Sadler provided this information for me, including the fact that all of the Sadler children named above were born in Oklahoma and continue to make this state their home today. I thank them for these very interesting statistics, and congratulate all of the couples for their long and obviously very happy lives together.

Concerning the other three children of Joseph Alfred and Idella Sadler: One son, the oldest brother, Coy, has died. His older sister, Mary will be 85 in July. She lost her husband some time back. The other brother, Jim, 81, lives in Cushing and recently received a pacemaker implant. Conn and Goldalee live in Cushing, Russel and Dortha live in Edmond, Wallace and Billie live in Stillwater, J.D. and Betty live in Perry, and Eletha and Frank Sherrod live in Waggoner.

It's refreshing to read stories such as this in the state of Oklahoma where the per capita divorce rate continues to set records of its own. May all of the Sadlers celebrate many more happy wedding anniversaries!