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April 25, 2000

I trust your Easter weekend was every bit as merry as you hoped it would be. Our family seems to have a limited number of opportunities to spend more than a few hours together each year except at Christmas and on other special occasions, like Easter, but I believe we made the most of this brief holiday. Even so, one of our honored matriarchs, Laura's mother, was confined to the local hospital while receiving treatment for a heart ailment and other complications that just accrue to one who has spent 103 years on this earth. We surely missed her good humor and sweet smile, but otherwise it was a happy time.

Easter, of course, is meant to be a time of celebration. We rejoiced at the wonderful gift that becomes the focus of Easter weekend, remembering our Lord's tragic death and triumphant resurrection. It is a sobering time of reflection and we joined dozens of friends at worship services Sunday morning to offer thanks, sing praises and hear the magnificent story told once again. It is an ideal opportunity for families to reunite.

Our plans for the weekend included a trip to the Bricktown baseball park in Oklahoma City where the underdog Cowboys of OSU were engaging in a titanic Bedlam Series match with the upstart Sooners of OU. Daughter Susan and her family had been to the Bricktown stadium previously but it was the first trip for daughter Kathy and her family from Kansas City, as well as for Laura and me. I must say we were overwhelmed by the place. Pictures and TV fail to adequately convey just how handsome that facility is, especially when virtually every seat is filled with exuberant fans of all ages wearing either scarlet and cream or orange and black. The noise, the atmosphere of the park is hard to describe. If there is a better minor league baseball stadium anywhere in the U.S., I would like to see it. It's the home field of the Oklahoma RedHawks. They are fortunate to have a facility such as that. In addition to our brood, we saw several others from Perry who were there on an afternoon jaunt organized by one our local banks.

The only disappointment of the day was the extremely long wait for service at all of the Bricktown eateries. The game attracted a huge crowd and that put a strain on all of the eating places that we visited shortly after noon. We finally chose one of them and waited, and waited, and waited, until finally we were called to be seated. The first thing we noticed was that many tables all around us were empty, and that naturally raised the question: Why did they keep us waiting so long? Regardless of that, the food was good and the service was not bad, even if the food was a bit slow in being delivered to us. As a result, we missed the first two innings of the game but we were somewhat mollified to learn that neither the Cowboys nor the Sooners had scored a run up to that point.

Unfortunately, in the long run the Orange and Black team was unable to solve the offerings of OU's freshman pitcher so the Cowboys flamed out, 3-1, and the Bedlam Series thus favored the Sooners. 2-0. Oh well, it's only a game, and we are patient. Coach Holliday's boys will have other opportunities to vie for honors in the Big 12 Conference and elsewhere.

Rain threatened to dampen the playing field all afternoon but none really developed. A chilly wind did make us wish we had worn warmer jackets, although no one suffered unduly. All in all, despite the game's final score, it was a great day and a fine way to bring us to the joy of another Easter weekend together. These occasions eventually become mere moments of memory, but they are wonderful to recall and to keep us in touch even when many miles stretch between us.