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April 28, 2000

One of my all-time favorite Perry citizens, Glenn A. Yahn, is currently celebrating a major milestone -- his 90th birthday. I'm happy to report that his acerbic, good-natured sense of humor has not deserted him and remains intact. He still refers to himself and his loyal helpmate, Eleanor, as "the odd couple." The only thing odd about either one of them is the way they have become such symbols, such icons of all that is good about Perry, Oklahoma, and their favorite institution of higher learning, Oklahoma State University. They are graduates of that fine Stillwater school but still call themselves Aggies in honor of OSU's former name, Oklahoma A&M College.

His actual birthday was last Wednesday, but the major day of celebration will be on the afternoon of May 7 in the new addition to the First Christian church, where he has been a faithful member for lo these many years. The Odd Couple's favorite (and only) daughter, Betty Kaye Evans of Muskogee, is making arrangements for the big event, as she has so graciously done the past several years. Other family members, including Betty Kaye's husband, Dr. Gary Evans, will be on hand to greet friends who drop by to wish the birthday boy well.

I suppose most of us still fondly recall the days when Glenn was the favored choice to serve as master of ceremonies for just about every public function that occurred in this community. He carried out those duties so smoothly and with such great good humor that it made many of us believe he had missed his calling. Glenn could have been a standup comic, for one thing. He had, and still has, a rapier-like wit and the natural ability to state things in a funny way, so sharp and not always gentle. He has a rare, natural talent that allows him to make people laugh even while pointing out, comically, their failings.

In spite of some health problems that limit his activities these days, Glenn is still vitally interested in community, state, national and world affairs, and he maintains close contact with events at OSU, especially in athletic endeavors. He keeps things hopping in his Sunday school class, brags on the attendance at morning worship services in his beloved Christian church, and attends Rotary regularly with Eleanor as his guest. He has mellowed somewhat but, thank goodness, still has that unique comedic genius that endears him to all of us, even the victims of his humor. Happy birthday, Glenn.

If you watch carefully tonight when the NBC series "Providence" shows up on your TV screen, you'll get a glimpse of former Perryan Myrna Niles Hamman. She has only a few lines (five words), so watch closely and listen quickly. Her character's name in this episode is Kim.

The newly rebuilt streets in various parts of Perry are a joy to ride on. The city is continuing its arrangement with Evans and Associates to replace some of the worn-out, chug hole-riddled travel arteries around town, and the contractors appear to be doing a good job. Also, the newly resurfaced portions of I-35 on the west side of town are very nice. Travelers and motorists in our city should be pleased with the results thus far.