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May 9, 2000

A friend who chooses to remain anonymous sends me a Xerox copy of an interesting story that appeared in a Perry newspaper (probably the Noble County Sentinel or the Perry Republican) in 1924. In view of the current wave of excitement emanating from the prospect of new growth and vigor in Perry, I thought you also would find the article thought provoking. The writer is not named but the syntax sounds suspiciously like Judge E. W Jones, who was editor of the Republican. The only headline on the piece is in bold face caps: "WHAT IS DOING IN PERRY??" Apparently, plenty was doing at that particular time. Here's a portion of the article from the 1924 Perry newspaper:

"Do you know just what is going on in Perry today? Let's think this over: There are at least 20 homes under construction or to be constructed immediately. There has been completed within the last three months approximately the same number. A new sash and door factory is now under construction at the northwest corner of the square. This plant when completed will be two stories and will employ several skilled mechanics.

"Dr. Osborne is just having completed the remodeling of his building on Auto Row, which makes it a modem two-story business block. This building has been arranged specially for cabinet making and woodworking on the second floor, and the ground floor is finished into elaborate sales rooms, which he will use in the display of new and used furniture of all kinds. He will also make a specialty of making all kinds of furniture to order.

"The new fire station is soon to be started at the corner of Eighth and D streets. This structure will be a fireproof structure and sufficiently large to house the two apparatuses.

"The new gas system, which has now proven an entire success, undoubtedly enhances the value of real estate in Perry at least one-fourth. Residents of this city now have the same convenience of any modern city, with the exception of paving, which will undoubtedly come within the next year. The gas plant has just completed the piping of Porter Addition, which was taken into the city limits several weeks ago. This addition increases the tax valuation of the city $100,000 and adds about 25 homes which were not able to have modem conveniences before. Two-thirds of these homes stood vacant on account of not being modern, and since this addition was taken into the city every house has been rented."

The article continues with more fascinating information about activity in Perry in 1924, just 31 years after the opening of the Cherokee Outlet. I'll continue with the rest of the story when the Northwest Corner returns.