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July 11, 2000

Like any Perry family struggling with the loss of a loved one, we are deeply moved by the expressions of sympathy and encouragement from so many of you. The unspoken word and the understanding smile from friends, neighbors and other acquaintances make us aware of the support all around us. Laura's Mom was indeed a special lady and it pleased her to know that so many of you spoke to her, smiled at her, or just gave a loving pat on the arm, even though she never had an opportunity to get to know you. When finally her heart gave out last week, after more than 103 years of valiant service, it brought a peace that she had not known for some time, and the physical difficulties that she has endured in recent months were over. We will miss her, but we know that a joyous reunion is taking place with many of her family and friends in Paradise. Thank you, all of you, for your kindness.

Don Stoddard is an observant citizen who frequently comes up with ideas for curing some of the minor, but unnoticed, problems in our community. He shared some of these with me the other day, and I pass them along to you for consideration. Don writes as follows:

"Have you ever wondered what the reason might be for the two 'Stop' signs on the northeast corner of Seventh and Noble? One sign is very unsightly and both of them have been there for some time. I often wonder if it means that drivers must stop twice at that corner. There are two other signs at the intersection of Seventh Street and Fir Avenue where I wish the wording could be changed. The signs read 'Business District' with an arrow pointing south. I couldn't find any of these signs at the intersection of Sixth and Fir. I wonder who is responsible for these signs on Fir Avenue - the City of Perry or the State Department of Transportation.

"I personally wish that the wording could be changed to read either 'Downtown Business District,' or just plain 'Downtown,' because there are now businesses all along Fir Avenue and hopefully, someday, there will be businesses all along the two-mile stretch of I-35 that is now in the Perry city limits, but all of that isn't 'Downtown.'

"I hope that whoever looks after these signs will see fit to change the wording on them and put up two more signs at Sixth and Fir. It might help some stranger in town who is looking for 'Downtown' Perry."

Sounds to me like he has some worthwhile suggestions, worth thinking about. Anyone else care to add a thought or two?