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August 11, 2000

Earlier this year the city street department laid out a schedule of some battered and abused Perry streets that were scheduled for rebuilding during their annual work program in the summer of 2000. All of Park. Lane between Wakefield Drive and North Brookwood Drive was on the list and that was good news for all of us who live along that wretched little street. Actually, it's only two blocks long, but if there is a worse stretch of street in town I have yet to see it. Describing the surface as "washboard" is ignoring the washed-out potholes, some of them badly patched several times in the past, and numerous other defects that drivers have been trying to avoid for at least 20 years. (That's how long we've lived on Park Lane.) Finding a path suitable for threading a car between hazards has been a real challenge, and some axles have been unintentionally sacrificed in the process.

I'm not trying to point the finger of blame in anyone's direction because all of us know that the ultimate solution to our multiple street problems is a bigger tax base. No, I'm just happy that this little part of the Perry traffic grid is being fixed. When we voted to approve that temporary tax increase a few years ago, we were told that a portion would be used to repair and rebuild some of the worst streets in town. It's good to see that pledge being kept.

In the meantime, during the approximate three weeks needed to finish this particular project, we will pick up our mail at the downtown post office because the postman's little van cannot traverse this part of Park Lane while work is underway. The good news in that regard is that now we'll be getting our mail about two hours earlier than usual. Of course, when you calculate the amount of high-dollar gasoline that is needed to make a round trip to the post office, that early mail pickup doesn't really make good economic sense. Our mail rarely contains anything very timely or precious, so we could easily wait for the carrier to deliver it. I'm just trying to put the best spin on all this.

Big things are being planned for our annual Cherokee Strip celebration, and isn't it nice that the big day, September 16th, actually falls on Saturday this year? Traditionally, you know, the event is scheduled on the Saturday nearest the 16th, so we don't always have the observance on the real anniversary of the land opening, but this time the celebration falls on the right day of the week. There will be some special observances this year. Keep your calendar handy and make notes when they are announced. As usual, we'll be playing host to thousands of visitors. That should inspire another city cleanup by all of us. Let's spruce up for this one!