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June 26, 2001

Some good news and bad news for Perry citizens who have been trying to recycle as much trash as possible. The bad news is, Stillwater is closing its recycling station on Perkins Road, south of Sixth Avenue, and that creates a dilemma for many Perry folks. Some of us have been making regular trips over there to the Payne county capital to deposit old newspapers, plastic bottles, tin cans and glassware for their recycling program. For now, however, it appears those items will have to be placed in Perry trash cans to be hauled off to a landfill, where some of them are not biodegradable. The good news is, Perry is about ready to start a modest recycling program of its own, using several trash containers placed at strategic spots in the downtown area.

Stillwater has given it a good try since the recycling program started a few years ago. But, a story in the paper indicated that the reluctance of many Stillwater homes to participate forced cutbacks in the service, to the point where it was costing the city government a sizable chunk of money each month to continue it. Another part of the problem that forced elimination of the recycling program was the diminishing amount of cash paid for old newspapers and the other stuff. It just became impractical to continue, and now it’s gone.

A few weeks ago, when former Perryan Steve Doughty and his wife, Kimberley, received confirmation that she was pregnant with their first child, they conspired to withhold the news from their parents until they could reveal it some special way. They decided to save the announcement until Fathers Day, when both sets of parents would be visiting them in their home at Lawton. Steve is director of sports information for Cameron University at Lawton and a former stellar athlete at Perry high school. His dad, now a local insurance man who until switching careers in 1980 was a coach and a teacher in the Perry school system, has been patiently waiting to welcome his first grandchild for several years.

Steve and Kimberley hatched an elaborate plan for disclosing the long-awaited announcement. Utilizing Steve’s professional field as a sports information director, they created a “Sports News” release supposedly originating in his office at Cameron. At the top of the sheet was this tag line: “Doughty Family to add new team member.” The bogus news release appeared on a computer-generated form designed by Steve, the young father-to-be, and at the appropriate time it was handed out to the prospective grandparents. In part, this is how the message that followed read:

“LAWTON, Okla. – Team representatives for the Doughty Family announced today a major transaction that will add long-awaited depth to the family roster and provide valuable assistance during the upcoming tax season. A new team member has been signed to a lifetime contract and is expected to join the team in mid-January. ‘I’m pregnant!’ team president Kimberley Doughty exclaimed at a brief press conference held Saturday in front of several family members at Doughty team headquarters in southeast Lawton….” The announcement continued in that vein through a single-spaced sheet that featured a “happy face” at the top. And yes, both sets of grandparents were totally surprised and ecstatic at the news. Ask Steve to show you his copy of the news release.