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November 23, 2001

I trust your Thanksgiving feast was great in every way. No matter where we go to celebrate this holiday, we are almost assured of being thoroughly stuffed. But that temporary discomfort is usually offset by the pleasant glow of a surrounding of family and good friends. Laura and I are in Kansas City this weekend to spend a few hours with our daughter, Kathy, and her family. Daughter Susan and family are enjoying this time to be with other relatives and good friends. For Christmas, we will all be together in Perry at least briefly. Thanksgiving is a wonderful day and it helps us to focus on some really wonderful blessings instead of the day-to-day routine worries that seem to occupy ‘way too much time.

Thanksgiving weekend used to be the launching pad for Christmas shopping, but in recent years the Yuletide surge has been moved up little by little. By this time, we are thoroughly aware of several special gift items and the holiday pricing lures that go with them. Even Time magazine had an entire section of “new inventions” last week. We were told that some of those alluring and exotic new gadgets can actually be purchased now, in case you have not yet been inspired to buy a special something for that hard-to-shop-for name on your list.

But, while still on that subject, it might be well to remember that we ought to buy at home even more than usual this year. Perry’s economy has not flattened as much as some of our neighboring towns, despite the downturn of sales at the Ditch Witch plant here. Local merchants are going all-out to provide gift ideas for all ages and they merit our support. Check out the possibilities before making a decision that requires a trip to Oklahoma City or any of our neighboring cities.

Thanksgiving does more than direct our attention to Christmas shopping. It should also be a time for reflecting on the many things that truly bless all of us in the Perry community. We acknowledge that Our Town is a small one and it is lacking in some of the qualities of life afforded in bigger cities. But isn’t it nice that in Perry we can be acquainted on a first-name basis with the people who serve us and really care about us? You won’t find that in those big department stores where you have to hunt for a clerk to ring up a sale. That’s not just a holiday attitude. It’s another reason for us to give thanks all year ‘round because we are so fortunate to live in a unique community like Perry.

So, go on with the celebration but keep in mind all the reasons we have to rejoice in this little corner of the world.