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December 14, 2001

In a few months, when the current major renovation project at Perry Memorial Hospital is completed, we are going to have a very impressive-looking building out there on Fourteenth Street. The new entryway on the north end is both handsome and clearly recognizable, and that has not always been true in the past. Families and other visitors had to study the front of the building for a while just to figure out where to go in. There were other problems, including a much-too-small emergency room and congestion in other busy parts of the hospital, but it appears that all of these problems will be solved in the work now being done at the hospital.

With the newly completed Medical Clinic adjacent to the hospital and other health-care facilities in the area, we are seeing the emergence of a modern, well-planned community designed to serve the needs of Noble county and the north-central Oklahoma area. The hospital, Perry physicians, nurses, technicians and others in that field have managed to stay abreast of the latest technology for diagnostics and both short- and long-term care. We all should be grateful and give thanks each day for the availability of that. The community has done much to support the hospital and that kind of help is vital.

Here’s hoping the city can soon find a way to provide a new surface for the street that crosses the front of the hospital. Because of heavy traffic in the area, the street is now badly pitted and extremely rough. It should be rebuilt, or at the very least resurfaced with a fresh coat of asphalt. I understand the city does plan to improve the street very soon.

On another topic, a reader takes time to write about the Perry CCC Park southeast of town. He leads off with this question: “Have you noticed how muddy the water stays all the time? That little lake is in the same predicament that the Perry Lake is in…. Why does the city want to put good, clean water from Lake McMurtry on top of muddy water? How much do they plan to raise the level of our little lake? … I would sure like to know the answer to this puzzle.”

Also gleaned from the mailbag are the following nuggets, offered by a long-time friend who now enjoys retirement in Florida, where the sun almost always shines. These evidently were borrowed from someone else’s column:

“There are many ethnic restaurants in my rather ethnic neighborhood, but once you’ve eaten one portion of boiled yak, that’s about it for the rest of your life.”

“As a journalist I’ve talked to two presidents, and another who claimed he was Jesus, and another who said he knew who was buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but was sworn to secrecy.”

“I’ve bought houses in less time than it takes a woman to shop for a skirt and blouse.”

If you like these, we’ll submit some more for your approval at a later date.