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Novemeber 12, 2002

For many years, Noble county taxpayers supported rural schools because the early Cherokee Strip settlers were determined to provide an education for their sons and daughters in this new land. Rural school districts were administered by a county superintendent who was elected by the county at large and served from an office in the courthouse. Those days are gone forever, but many whose memories go back a few years still remember the county fair, fine arts shows and other events featuring youngsters from Noble county's rural schools. The year's climax, of course, was the annual eighth grade graduation when the boys and girls from those classes were promoted to larger schools serving their district. I've been scanning a printed program from the eighth grade commencement exercises held on May 15, 1934, in the Perry high school auditorium, and I thought you would be interested. How many of these graduates are familiar to you?

Joint district 1 - Doris Wyckoff and Warren Case; District 1 - Waynard Buffington, Mary Fagg, Billy Hageman and Lawrence Musick; District 2 - Norma Jean Sibley; District 3 - Velda Foster, Leroy Murray and Beulah Matthiesen; District 5 -Olivia O'Grady; District 6 - Eldon Cox and Glenn Smoot; District 7 - Melvin Henke; District 9 - Eileen Wade and Elza Fairchild; District 11 - Fred Feken; District 12 - Maxine Cockrum, Marvin Freese, Kenneth Mossier and Mable Schultz; District 13 -Dorothy Gray and Laura Gray.

District 14 - Maxine Schwartz and John K. Hunter; District 15 - Marie Schieffer; District 16 - Mary Melton, LaVinta Fipps and Ernestine Edgar; District 17 - Josie Moelling; District 18 - J.D. Dawson and Jack Winiger; District 20 - Martha Robbins; District 21 - Edith Mae Brame, Geraldine Rouse, Carolyne Morris, Leta Belle Turner, Ruth Thelma Smith, Harry Dent, James Hock, Lewis Holcomb, Billie Mathews, Ida Bushorr, Eugene Snyder and Bessie Pribble; District 22 - Lawrence Clemens, Floyd Wilkins and Leon Gravel.

District 23 - Charles Kidd and Henry Bellmon; District 24Russell Merry and Maxine White; District 25 - Leafa Farrant and Dorthy Price; District 26 - Bernice Lively, Tena Franklin and John Roberson; District 27 - Paul Hicks; District 28 - ..Lorine Ferrell, Joe Osborne, Irvan Faulkner, Oakley Price, Jimmy Hibbets, Dorothy Garton and Blanche Landes; District 34 - James Speakman and Franklin Ruble; District 39, Alta Campbell; District 40 - Helene Lovekamp; District 44 - Rachel Adams, Anna Pyle, Grover Galloway and Wilbert Noteware.

District 45 - Lloyd Nichols, John Ekhoff, Dorothy King and Lyman McClure; District 46 - Dorothy Mae Akins; District 47 - Billy Enslow; District 48 - Martha Rose Pour and Edward Pour; District 50 - Marjorie Brooks, Robert Stengle, James Blanchard and Daniel McClurg; District 53 - Arthur Davis and Mildred Cox; District 57 Edwin Merriman, Glenn Patterson, Mary Masters, Dorothy Gardner and June Masters; District 59 - Mae Golliver, LaVerne Golliver, Verlyn Golliver and Gerald Marshall; District 60 - Ruby Belle McNeal and Logan Knott.

District 63 Kenneth Aynes; District 64 - Lucille Cooper, Letah Farris, Edith Hartert, John Patterson, Leo Hughes, Jack Antle and Calvin Arkeketa; District 67 -George Wortman and Harold Loveless; District 68 - Marjorie Menzies; District 71 -Helen Anderson, Mayo Anderson, Mattie Dixon and James Anderson; District 74 -Maxine Branham, Mildred Branham, Helen Stickel and Clyde Lynch; District 75 - David Sherrard and Patrick Elgin; District 76 - Howard Walker; District 78 - LaVina Brand, Herbert Brand and Dora Kirk.

District 80 - Ted Beauchamp, Georgia Berger, Margaret_. Berger and Treva Robinson; District 81 - Rosalie Bridges, Norman Bishop, Wayne Hughes and Hazel Spillman; Consolidated 1 (Sumner) - Walter Brokop, Dorthy Focht, Robert Lesh, Alice Mosena, LaVerne Hansen, Lafa Welch, Melvin Kinnick, Lambert Johnson, Carl Mikisch and Idena Milliron. Consolidated 2 (Marland) - Francis Thornton, Edith Monroe, Irene Shultz, Elmo Scholes, Pauline Newton, Noel Mock, Carl Freeman, Louise Hartpence, Florine McAllister, John Snyder, Wanda Shultz, Velda Morris, Helen Penny, Evabelle Russell and Maryetta Collier.

Rachel Adams was valedictorian and Joe Osborne was salutatorian. Allen Fitchett, county superintendent, presented diplomas to the graduates and special music was provided by Aleen Plumer, cellist; Frank Ley, trumpet solo; processional by the PHS orchestra, recessional by pianist James Parker, and the invocation was given by Rev. David Thomas. How many of those names do you remember?