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May 23, 2003

Despite the inexplicably vicious vagaries of Mother Nature on her rampages this time of year in Oklahoma, most folks seem to agree that our portion of the universe has been well treated. One has only to look out the nearest window to see rolling meadows and lawns of emerald green, certain signs of new growth after some of winter's worst poundings. You may also observe serene herds of fat cattle as they contentedly masticate their cuds while they stay close to their mamas to learn how to survive in the lovely rustic landscape surrounding them.

Perry yards are taking on a beautiful new look as trees, lawns, flower beds and other living decorations welcome the first few weeks of spring. Rain? Farm ponds generally are full to the brim, and the lush growth of Bermuda grass and other varieties seem to be reassuring us that this spring in our state is going to be a vision of beauty, partly despite the elimination of some old tree limbs and other unwanted items in many neighborhoods. Remember that month last year when the lights were off for several days in Perry as the result of an historic ice storm?

It's a gorgeous time of the year. Savor every moment and think how lucky we are to be living in this blessed land.

On to other subjects now, including a couple of personal pet peeves that are not becoming easier to endure. For some time now, I have avoided mentioning the folks who nonchalantly make U-turns in the middle of busy downtown streets. But, I have to bring this up again because it is still going on.

City police officers have posted signs to warn drivers that the practice of making left-hand turns in unmarked lanes is illegal around the square, but I must tell you I do not think the situation is any better. Last week, on a street approaching the north side of our downtown square, a car in front of me unexpectedly made a left another vehicle did the same thing The driver of that car stepped out and trudged up the steps to the post office, no doubt thinking how many steps he had saved by making a left turn in the middle of the block but not worrying about the other people he had endangered by so doing.

The other thing that bugs me is pedestrians in the downtown area who walk or hustle across city intersections when the traffic light facing them is red. They may or may not agree that traffic lights are the safest and surest way of controlling traffic, but the law clearly states that pedestrians must observe the same warning signs as motorists. And that includes moving against the light, no matter how clear the path may appear to be.

Now, that stuff is off my chest for while, but I will continue to gnash my teeth when someone else decides to become a scofflaw.