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June 13, 2003

Welcome to the factory of midnight musings, or how do you handle insomnia?

Friend Don Stoddard seconds the motion on enforcing the rule against drivers making U-turns or left-hand turns in the middle of the block around the square. He also noted the need for left-turn signals at some busy traffic intersections, the ones where turning is difficult when the light turns green. At the same time, he applauds the new, wider parking spaces provided for Wal-Mart and other Perry Plaza shoppers on the west side of the city.

Another problem noted is those long, wide pickup trucks and vans that park near the corners on both Sixth and Seventh Streets. Folks complain that the tail ends of those vehicles stick out so far that drivers have to use part of the left turn lanes to get around them safely. "It's bad enough when you are parked next to one of those big guys and are trying to back out without getting hit," Don writes. "They are so big nowadays that you cannot see over, under or around them." Don makes some other comments that we can pass along at another time.

When the rains stop, you'll see combines working in wheat fields all over the county. Although the moisture content seems to be running a little high, most farmers believe that the quality of this year's crop is the best in ages. A lot of that must be due to the rainfall we have enjoyed (or griped about) this spring.

We have a lot of health walkers moving along some of our busy streets while the weather remains so pleasant. Just a reminder to adults and young people who enjoy these early morning or late evenings strolls: Always walk facing traffic. Don't assume that the next car coming up behind you will yield. Someday we may have a serious accident if all the rules are not observed. And driversóremember, school is out and there are more youngsters on the street. Be careful out there.

I don't know who deserves the credit, but Perry's Ripley Field was in first-class condition last week for the fifth annual Trent Vorndran Baseball Tournament. Perry's American Legion team won the event, which makes it all the sweeter. Anyway, the base paths were in good condition and the grass on the infield and outfield could not have been greener or more lush. Visitors noticed this, too, and they had to be impressed. The only negative note I can find is the lack of local customers. The Ripley Field stands were almost empty so there were just a few (mostly parents or grandparents) on hand to cheer the Perry boys. The coaches, players and, of course, the umpires all deserve commendations. If you are not taking in some of the baseball games now being played in the area, you are missing a real treat.