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August 26, 2003

In just a few days, we'll be hearing sounds of football at Perry Stadium's Daniels Field. Shoulder pads will be popping as the wearers block or tackle the foe, the Maroon band will be playing and marching on and off the field, cheerleaders will urge the crowd to make more noise, coaches will shout instructions and other comments to their players, and once again the Fighting Maroons will be attempting to cover themselves with gridiron glory. Can you bear the wait? We're not talking NFL or Big 12 football here. This is all about the real game as it is played by youngsters still learning rudiments of the sport. Bring on the opposition! Our guys are tough enough to win 'em all!

But first, here's something to think about even before the season officially starts. I'm talking about the parking lot situation at our football field. Lions club members are performing a badly needed service by directing traffic on the west side of the stadium, and don't we need it? All of us, including the Rotarians, appreciate what the Lions are doing on game nights. The lot appears to be large enough to handle even a capacity crowd but if you've ever been trapped in a traffic jam out there after a game, you'll understand this message. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind.

Don't be in a hurry. Give the other driver the benefit of the doubt if you don't know who can make the first move. Don't honk your horn at those poor pedestrians. (They have enough to worry about, just dodging the cowboys and the kamikaze drivers.) Avoid the temptation to crash your old pickup truck into the side of someone's slick new SUV. Wait for your turn to move. Don't make your vehicle jump forward when a few inches of space appear to be available. Relax. Turn on the radio and listen to the color commentary and statistics from our game or someone else's. There's plenty of time to get home. Also, be considerate of our visitors, who may not be familiar with the way we do things. Before you head downtown for a ceremonial trip around the square, help the out of towners if you see anyone who seems puzzled by our traffic grids. Be as nice to them as you would like to be treated in, say, Cushing.

But, you've heard all this before. This is intended to be a gentle reminder before actual warfare takes place at our good old WPA stadium, including the parking lot. Be a real fan and be courteous to those uncouth roughnecks who have the audacity to demand your help and cooperation. Remember, on most Friday nights when you see them driving lost and aimlessly in search of a highway exit, they will have been badly beaten by our guys on the football field. You can afford to be nice to them. Even if by some weird twist of fate they actually win a game, hold your head up and smile. We can all afford to be neighborly. What time is the kickoff?