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November 7, 2003

If it's any consolation, ONG's Harry Williams offers this as a soothing balm for all the OSU Cowboy football fans in this area. Read Psalms 52:9. (Remember the score last Saturday was 52-9). It may not make all the hurt go away, but maybe it will help. Wait till next year!

I've been hearing mixed reports about the foliage tours this year in various parts of Oklahoma and elsewhere in the U.S. Some say Nature already has exhausted her artistry in the nation's forests and woods and they have been disappointed in travels through southeastern Oklahoma, where our best is usually found, as well as in New England. At least, we avoided those horrific wildfires just endured by Southern California. All we can do for those unfortunate people is offer our prayers and sympathy. It's too late to help now, but I should have advised you that Larry and Myrna Moore, my neighbors across the street, have been providing the rest of us with a brilliant splash of fall colors on their stately, beautiful trees. The peak season is long past, but you should have seen them when they were at their best. Fantastic!

Friend Don Stoddard advises that the first name of the Guthrie quarterback (mentioned in a column last week) is B-R-E-N-T. Sorry for the slipup. The District 5A-2 Bluejays host Carl Albert in a crucial test tonight. Against El Reno last week, Brent rushed for 85 yards and three touchdowns. The Guthrie defense held El Reno to 23 yards rushing. The 'Jays won easily, 47-0.

Don also is among those who remember the Ed Seeley band, as mentioned in a column last week. He recalls that Seeley and his band were from Enid, not Perry, as another reader recalled. Don also says that the Seeley band featured Country and Western music, and they used to play occasionally on Saturday nights in the 1940s at the Kennedy Skating Rink on 7th Street, just off the northwest corner of the square. Don remembers that he did not go to the Seeley dances because he loved to skate. When Ed Seeley played at the rink, Bob Kennedy would set up a portable rink for skaters on the empty lot on the east side of the Donaldson & Yahn Lumber Yard.

In case you were among those who occasionally tuned in to the Arkansas City AM radio sta-tion that played that wonderful music from the Big Band era, you already know that the station has dropped that format in favor of more contemporary stuff and some Western swing from time to time. That was the only station, to my knowledge, in our coverage area that played the kind of music that once was everywhere on the dial. Guess we aging fogies will have to satisfy our need for that good old music by buying new CDs and tapes, when they can be found.