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November 10, 2003

Let's take another short stroll down Memory Lane, thanks to Virginia Gengler's collection of this newspaper from years ago. Today we'll focus on the issue of Monday, October 24, 1934. What was going on here 'way back then? Here are some of the topics.

One of the front page headlines announced: LOCAL CANDIDATES OPEN FINAL DRIVE FOR GENERAL VOTE. The reporter wrote: "County candidates outlined plans Monday for their final week of campaigning, with election only a week hence. While a number of county meetings are planned, the final week will be devoted chiefly to individual activity." Three county offices were among those at stakeŚcounty judge, county treasurer, and county attorney. W.D. Barnes was the incumbent treasurer but after two terms he was ineligible to run again. Paul Cress, county attorney, and James A. Ledbetter, county judge, were not seeking re-election.

Candidates seeking voter approval at the forthcoming general election were listed as follows: County attorney: Judson Pierce, Democrat, and Henry Dolezal, Republican. County Judge: Al T. Singletary, Democrat, and E.W. Jones, Republican. County sheriff: Merl Harman, Democrat, and Earl Sanders, Republican. County treasurer: Mellie Mock, Democrat, and Frank Goe, Republican. County clerk: Frank Warner, Democrat, and Mrs. Gus Malzahn, Republican. County superintendent: Guy Lambert, Democrat, and Allen Fitchett, Republican. County clerk: Allien Adams, Democrat, and Henry Rucker, Republican. County assessor: H.R. McMullen, Democrat. and Frank Ritthaler, Republican. County commissioner, first district: Wm. J. Hill, Democrat, and George Sanders, Republican; second district, Walker Robberson, Democrat, and James Taylor, Republican; third district, Charles Johnson, Democrat, and Ed Bieberdorf, Republican. It wasn't included with the election story, but the newspaper also announced that a son had just been born in Perry General Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Judson Pierce of 705 Locust street.

Other political stories in the news included these: Rep. E.W. Marland of Ponca City, Democratic candidate for governor, spoke in the Perry district courtroom to a crowd of several hundred as estimated by The Journal. It was his final campaign effort here. Mrs. Ray Casey, president of the Billings Women's Democratic Club, announced that Josh Lee, noted University of Oklahoma speaker and candidate for Congress in the fifth district, would be a special speaker at the club meeting next week. He would be accompanied by Mrs. Phil Ferguson, wife of the eighth district congressman. Coverage was given to a speech made in the Perry courthouse park the previous week by W. B. Pine, Republican nominee for governor. The paper reported that a "large" crowd was on hand. Mr. Pine also had spoken in Billings and Red Rock earlier that day.

On the editorial page, managing editor Sam Schwieger offered the following: "There are still quite a number of people who will vote their ticket straight regardless of whether the devil's name appears on it or not." He added this thought: "Some people won't vote at all because they say it's no use, the crooks and hoodlums will get by anyhow." (Thank goodness we don't have any of those in office now.)