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December 9, 2003

With a busload of folks from the Noble county area, Laura and I made a visit to Chickasha to see the Christmas lights last week. I've heard about this display for years and it was truly something to see. The town has gone all-out to provide the rest of us with something really unique, brilliant light sculptures in a park setting. Part of our visit was a retelling of how this came to pass in the first place, along with a few examples of how those amazing displays are made. Most of the frameworks are of reinforcing bars. They can be bent to form almost any kind of shape. As for the lights, they are attached each year to the frameworks and, of course, they are tested to make certain every socket has a working bulb. Imagine the manhours that part of the project alone requires. And itís all done by volunteers, people who are glad to give up their evening and weekends to provide a beautiful Christmas light display for the rest of us.

En route home, on the bus provided by one of our fine local banks, we made a side trip to Yukon. That Oklahoma City suburb has started the development of its own light display. Although it is small by comparison, the Yukon display is worth a trip to see all by itself. Both these holiday treats are located in municipal parks and there is no admission fee. They are both well worth the time to see them. Put them on your "to-do" list and you'll be glad you did.

Speaking of that, we are looking forward to the annual Christmas Tour of Homes and the tea next Sunday in Perry. These two events are highlights of the Christmas season in Perry and we always appreciate the time and effort that goes into providing them. Get your tickets in advance and save a few dollars.

The OU Sooners just didn't have what it took to outplay the Kansas State Wildcats in the Big XII championship game the other night. Too bad. I'm still sure the Sooners are better coached and stocked with better talent, but they could not get untracked against the 'Cats. Remember when K-State used to be the laughing stock of the old Big 8 conference? They were routinely beaten by every other team in the league, but that hasn't happened since Bill Snyder became their coach. Good luck to all our Oklahoma teams in the bowl games next month.

Perry merchants seem to be getting a fair share of dollars from local Christmas shoppers. No doubt much of that is due to the "Think Perry" campaign initiated by a group of alert shop owners who have grown tired of seeing people head out of here every day for Stillwater, Ponca City, Enid, Oklahoma City and other points to fill their shopping needs. Congratulations to those who came up with this campaign.

Last Sunday was the 62nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day, when the Japanese pulled a devastating sneak attack on the sleepy islands of Hawaii. The battleship Arizona still remains on the bottom of Pearl Harbor along with many of the hands who were aboard when the Japanese bombs fell. Please, let's don't let Pearl Harbor Day slide into antiquity. Those men (and women) who perished that morning should never be forgotten. One way or another, we must remember the price that has been paid for, even today, protecting our precious freedom.