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March 19, 2004

For what seemed like an eternity, the traffic lights at Seventh and Fir had been on "blink: for too long. It advised all motorists who approached that location to wait his or her turn before proceeding. It probably is one of the busiest intersections in town. No telling how many accidents those traffic lights have prevented. But, after the blinking lights were no longer needed and the regular traffic light pattern returned, it took me a while to re-adjust. That's why I sat there one day in my little blue beetle through at least two cycles while other cars coming from all directions moved safely through the crossing. That must be how Pavlov's dog felt when his experiment was terminated.

Our Stagecoach Community Theatre is gearing up for another production, "Too Soon For Daisies." It's one that we did a while back, but some of us realized we are at an age when memorizing lines is tougher than it used to be so you'll see an entirely different cast in this effort. Watch for the dates and schedule them on your calendar. Stagecoach almost always comes up with a good one.

If you noticed the obituaries the last few days you may have read about the death of Sylvia M. Hooper, 95, identified as "a retired photographer." Indeed she was. She also was the widow of Barney P. Enright, who shot many of the historic photos of this little prairie city in the decades that followed the Cherokee Outlet opening on September 16, 1983. Barney imprinted his name on many of those old, now fading photos. His wife helped in the darkroom process and also used a camera to capture the images of many people and places who played an important part in the early development of Perry. It's sobering, but sad, to realize those connections are rapidly diminishing.

The Perry area can be justified for showing a lot of pride because of the achievements of their high school athletes. The Perry High School Maroons won their 31st state championship in wrestling and the Frontier Mustang basketball boys also went to the throne room again. Frontier girls missed the state title in their class but they made an impression on every team they played. And hey, don't forget about those young swimmers, the Piranhas, from the Noble County Family YMCA. They've acquitted themselves honorably every time they've dived into the pool again this season. Just for the record, their coach is a volunteer, Jill Zimmer, whose daughter, Raven, is one of the team's stars. Laura and I are proud that we have two granddaughters who work so hard, purely for pride. Their hard work and dedication pay off in the tournament period.