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April 6, 2004

A few unconnected, idle thoughts...
A few unconnected, idle thoughts while waiting for the next change in the weather. Haven't we had some truly beautiful days lately? There's just nothing quite like an Oklahoma spring. All the trees and early spring flowers are leafing or greening up like crazy. That's at least partly the result of the gorgeous spring that has blessed this area. Bradford pears, red buds and dogwood trees all are at the peak of their beauty. Shucks, even the old crab apple tree on the west side of our church is blooming and really looks pretty.

Perry made the front page of the latest issue of the monthly newsletter, Mistletoe Leaves, published by the Oklahoma Historical Society. The focus for that issue is our annual Rural Heritage Festival, which will be held on the weekend of Saturday, May 1. The entire front page of the newsletter is devoted to that event. Two photos are used to highlight some of the special events at last year's Festival. One of them features Elizabeth Willems in a costume typical of the 1893 Cherokee Strip land run era, and another shows Morrison students winding a May pole on the grounds of the Cherokee Strip Museum last year. Lots of fun and interesting things are planned for the Festival this year, so be sure to keep track of them for you information and pleasure.

J.D. Sadler recently asked for information about a peach orchard and canning factory that he understood was once located east of Perry. Several callers filled in some blanks for him. Among them was Mabel Eby. She described the location for him. One reason she remembers is so well: She once worked there.

Another reader wonders why Perry fails to commemorate the fact that movie star Buster Keaton once lived here. "Why doesn't Perry have a Buster Keaton Day?" he asks. He says the event could be held every now and then, not necessarily annually. Someone could dress up in an outfit like Buster used to wear in most of his movies, including a "pork pie" hat, with a parade as a principal feature. I think he has the right idea. The old Keaton home on Grove Street is slowly falling apart. What a shame it would be to lose it.