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May 11, 2004

A former Perryan contributes to new book at our local library

One of the newest acquisitions for the collection of books at Perry Carnegie Library is the very timely, but brief, work entitled The Search for Security: A U.S. Grand Search for the Twenty-First Century. A former Perryan, Edwin G. Corr, was an editor of the piece and the contributor of an articles to its contents.

Many of us remember Ed Corr as one of the sons of Rowena Corr, an English teacher at Perry High School, and Ed Corr Sr., who was a Bordon Co. employee when the family lived in Perry several years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Corr later taught at Bartlesville High School. Young Edwin became a member of the U.S. Diplomatic Service and was a U.S. ambassador to several countries, including some in the Latin America area. He also was a consistent winner as a member of the Perry High School and University of Oklahoma wrestling teams before earning a bachelor's degree there. He still has a warm feeling toward the local school system and serves as a member of the PHS Alumni Association board of directors.

Ambassador Corr, who now lives in retirement in Norman, recently was invited to speak to the Town Hall group in Oklahoma City and a number of local folks were on hand at St. Luke's Methodist Church in the City when he was featured.

A few brief sketches about the contributors appears at the back of the new book at our library. For Mr. Corr, it reads in part: "...(His) diplomatic career under both Republican and Democratic administrations included ambassadorships to Bolivia, El Salvador and Peru. He also served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotic Matters, as a Peace Corps Director in Colombia and in various posts in Thailand, Mexico and Ecuador."

All in all, Ambassador Corr has achieved a great deal in the service of this country and he is one more of those who make us all proud to say, "We are Perryans." Check out this little book and see for yourself.