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June 4, 2004

Just back from NYC

LB and I (perhaps better known to many of you as "Mr. and Mrs. FGB") have just returned from our annual trip to New York City for the Theater Tour arranged each spring by Roger Drummond, head of the Drama Department at USAO. That's a mouthful of initials, but maybe you are more familiar with the school's former longtime name Oklahoma College for Women, or OCW. The name was changed many years ago, but it still, sticks in the minds of many people. For one thing, I have numerous pleasant memories of days spent on the campus at Chickasha when Oklahoma Presbyterian young people attended what they called "Conferences," but time also was allowed for getting acquainted with young men and women from other churches between classes. As I recall, I had what they called a scholarship that required working each day in the cafeteria kitchen for several hours while my friends frolicked in the noonday sun of July and August.

But, as often happens, I am drifting off the subject. I wanted to tell you that one of the members of our little party included a distinguished looking man who is a former head of the accounting department in the schools of business at both Northern Oklahoma College and Oklahoma State University. He wanted to know if I knew Bill Wurtz, Paul Laird and Lila Lee Davis. Indeed I do remember them. All three were members of the illustrious class of 1941 at Perry High School. I also was a member of that class, and I remember those three very well. He said they were outstanding students, at NOC. He also taught accounting to Gwen Easter when she was under his tutelage at Oklahoma State University, and he remembers her as another outstanding student. Of course, she is now president of our own First Bank and Trust Company, and we go to the same church. So, there is more evidence that this is a very small world, indeed. The gentleman's name, by the way, is Wilton T. Anderson, and Gwen gives him credit for advising her in a way that led ultimately to her entering the banking field.

So, this began as a report to you on what we saw on the New York stages. We took in at least one play each day we were there, sometimes two. Many were musical revivals, and, truthfully, I must say they were the best because the playwrights just aren't doing that kind of thing right now. One of these days we will furnish more details. It was, needless to say, a good trip, but it's always great to be back in Perry.